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How To Find Your Signature Scent

by Megan Sheckells

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Signature scent. It sounds so extravagant and powerful to have a signature scent. While brands create their signature scents to sell, individuals are left to hunt for their signature scent in the shopping aisles. So, keep reading to see how to find the scent that fits your body’s chemistry.

If you’re anything like me shopping for a new scent of perfume can be daunting. There are so many out there, and even advertisements for fragrances have to rely on visual and audio senses to give us an idea of what their fragrance is all about. While it’s poetic and sometimes we can get an idea, it doesn’t exactly match experiencing that scent in reality.

Kalliope Amorphous, who owns the niche perfume house Black Baccara (, says personality has its part to play in signature scents. However, Amorphous states that while you’re likely to keep returning to the same scent, you can have more than one signature scent.

Amorphous explains, “you can also switch them up depending on your mood. You might have a signature scent for when you're feeling depressed and need something to uplift you, a signature scent that you reach for when you need to focus, or a signature scent for when you want to boost your confidence.”

This changed my perception of what it means to have a signature scent. I like that it accepts all versions of me, and I don’t have to pigeonhole myself into a box. A perfume box that is. You can have a signature scent and still have a love for variety and your changing individuality.

Your first step in finding your signature scent is going to involve some trial and error. Michelle Baried, founder of, doesn’t own her own perfume company but offered her personal experience in finding a signature scent. “The best way to explore finding your signature scent is to talk with someone who knows at least a little bit about fragrances or essential oils.

This can give you an expert opinion on what a scent or combination of aromas will bring together.” Figure out what you want to exude with your signature scent and don’t be afraid to seek some advice from those who are more knowledgeable about the topic of fragrances.

Once you know what type of personality or vibes you want to display with your signature scent, it’s time to get hunting for it. Amorphous says, “The best way to start exploring to find your signature scent (or scents) is by searching for perfume houses that match your overall aesthetic.”

What exactly is your aesthetic? To potentially aid in your hunt, Amorphous describes her brand Black Baccara as, “'90s Goth or Antique Books (both perfumes by my house Black Baccara).” But there are lots of other very specific aesthetics out there, so think deeply about yours.

Amorphous also explained that price points and popular name brands have nothing to do with finding the best signature scent. “You can choose to go high-end for a more traditional experience, but if you want to hone in on a very specific aesthetic, niche and indie brands might be the way to go. You can search for fragrances uses websites like Fragrantica if there are certain notes that you are drawn to, you can also run a google search with your personality and style + perfume.” Amorphous elaborated.

Honestly, finding your signature scent is going to be a nuanced and complex experience, just like you are a nuanced and complex person. Signature scent all comes back to you. What personality traits do you want to highlight, or which ones do you want to identify with? The sooner you can figure out what it is you’re looking for in an abstract and strangely poetic, fragrance ad type way, the sooner you can find your signature scent.

But it’s not necessarily going to be a one-test type of experience. You’re likely going to need to go to a store or shop and try out a lot of scents and sample bottles before you find the one that suits you. But this is what makes finding your signature scent so special. It is going to be a scent that speaks to you in the next level way. It will be uniquely you and that’s what makes it signature. So, get out there and experiment with some new fragrances and fragrance brands.

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