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How to Make a Woman Feel Loved and Cherished

by John Muller, Sponsored Posts

If you have been with your partner for a long time, you know that it’s not always about the spark and the constant moments of cuddles. You both get into a routine, and things soon become mundane or casual. As you spend more time together, your priorities change, and your focus shifts on shaping your life by keeping up with career expectations and all. At such a stage, your relationship can take a back seat, making your better half feel ignored.

But, when you consciously put efforts into conveying the depth of your love and care for your better half, you can bring back the honeymoon phase and also prevent future complications. Though one should not force a relationship, experts suggest trying out some thoughtful ways and making some adjustments to make your partner feel noticed.

Successful relationships are the ones where both partners put effort into strengthening their bond and reciprocally sharing love. Here we have shared seven adorable ways you can make your partner feel loved and take your relationship to the next level.


Dump the excuses and make plans to spend more time with your partner. You would never get the ‘right’ time. Whether having a night together or going for a date night, take the time to just be with each other and talk. Make this a regular part of your schedule so that they know you care about the relationship.


If you want your relationship to work out, compliment them. Some partners might feel shy or weird giving compliments, but it can bring a bright smile to your partner’s face. When you say something good about them, it shows that you appreciate their personality and how they are as a person. And bleh! Who doesn’t like compliments?


It gets difficult when they spend the most time outside working for you and your family or taking care of kids all the time. There must have been days when they felt like yelling at their boss or hiding in a corner out of frustration and stress. They won’t tell you everything, but it’s you who would have to figure out their mental status and offer them support. And it’s easy. Tell them that you appreciate and recognize whatever they do for your family. Tell them that you’re there for them, and they will feel loved.


In most cases, romantic nights take a back seat as the relationship evolves. You must put constant efforts to keep the intimacy factor alive as it can ignite the spark you have longed for. And do not just limit yourself to the bedroom. Get creative and use things like real whizzinator XXX and other things to try something new and fascinating. This will help you know your partner’s love language so that you can satisfy them deeply.


It’s your undivided attention that your girlfriend or boyfriend yearns for! And here’s the thing. You do not have to solve their problems or even say a word, but just making them feel heard can make your partner feel special and appreciated. It will make them fall in love with you all over again. And they might not tell you this, but they would be thanking God for your presence in their life. So, spend more time listening to them and strengthen your bond.


Remember those initial days when you started dating? How randomly you used to plan short trips and make quick arrangements to spend quality time together! Well, you can bring back the trend. You can surprise them with random trips to their favorite places to do something different from your everyday schedule. This would bring back the good memories and rekindle the spark that was missing for a long time.


Lastly, describe your love in words. The frequency of I love you's automatically slows down as your relationship grows with time. Though words aren’t enough to describe the intensity of your love and care for the other person, they can surely make them aware of your thoughts and feelings about them. At the least, it can bring a smile to their face.

Final Words

Life isn’t a bed of roses, and the same is the case with relationships. Both the partners will have to bear their share of happy and sad moments because there’s no other way around it. And at times when you feel like it’s not working, you should put conscious and passionate efforts into making the other person feel appreciated and loved in the relationship. This will pave the way for a long-term and successful relationship.


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