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How To Make a Woman Feel Loved and Secure

by Stephanie Elaine

Let's begin by stating that women are quite simple creatures. There is no hidden secret to making a woman feel special. With the smallest gestures, you can make a woman feel like a queen.

The bar is set so low for men. If a man holds a door open, a woman will be amazed by how respectful he is. Then, as they get to know him, he turns out to be just as deceitful as every other guy. Ladies, let's not settle any longer. Find a man who will make you feel loved and secure.


Be a Good Communicator:

Most women like to talk things through, whether it's about a disagreement or deciding on the color to paint the living room. When a man is vague about the details of what happened on Friday night with the boys or why they were late coming home from work, a woman's intuition will kick in. When a man takes the time to communicate the situation honestly, there would be no reason for the woman not to trust him. You have to remember that most women are consistently lied to, so their first response is to think you are fibbing.


A woman longs for a gentle and tender partner. No one wants to be yelled at if they make a mistake or see you throw a fit because she is upset with something that you did. It is not hard to say, “I’m sorry that I hurt you,” instead of throwing a fit or playing the blame game. Make her feel comfortable and prove to her that your company is a safe place for her to speak her mind and share her thoughts on any topic. Impatience is often linked to immaturity, mainly due to a lack of self-control.

Be Thoughtful:

Small gestures like sending her a text just to say you’ve been thinking of her or sending her a funny video will make her feel special. The idea that she pops into your head will reinforce that you are fully about her and only her. Men think that buying flowers and gifts will win a woman’s heart but that is so far from the truth. Women love affection and attention, sure material things are nice but the way to a woman’s heart is by showing her your love emotionally. Show your lovey-dovey side and you can be sure your girl will never want to let you go.

Be Truthful:

Don’t be shady with your cell phone! A woman’s biggest pet peeve is a man who tries to live a double life, entertaining other females in your DM’s. If you’re choosing to be with one person don’t try to sneak around behind her back to make her look like a fool. Honesty is always the best policy for a reason because the truth is what matters in a relationship. Even if you are a believer in white lies not being a big deal, constantly catching your partner in little lies will take a toll on your relationship. A woman doesn’t want to question if her partner is telling the truth when the norm is to be genuine.

Validate Her and Her Feelings:

She might have been ghosted or cheated on in past relationships that can carry into new relationships if they are hypersensitive and notice similar patterns of their exes from you. And when she tells you how you hurt her don’t just sign her off as “crazy,” instead be sensitive to her feelings and take accountability for your actions when or if you’ve disappointed her.

Be Romantic:

Go on “no phone” dates even if you’ve been together for a long time; make that extra step to show her you care about her. It is exciting for a woman to hear her man say he planned a surprise and be taken on a special night out doing things that you enjoy doing together.

It may seem easy but unfortunately, women experience more negative interactions rather than positive ones in the dating world. Women have been subjected to a lot of pain from their past relationships and men in particular need to break the mold of being the “problem” in every scenario. Gaslighting and emotional abuse are too normalized, we all need to strive to do better as well as block anyone with that kind of behavior out of your life.


Women love and want their partners to reciprocate the affection. Acts of kindness and honesty can go a long way in making a woman feel secure in her relationship. Nurture your girlfriend emotionally to make her feel safe.


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