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How to Make Embroidery Designs on Clothes

by Martins Straume, Sponsored Posts

Photo by Frank McKenna

Your New Year resolution is to start dressing better, but you are not sure where you should begin. You should think about adding a few embroidered pieces to your wardrobe. Embroidery has come a long way from basic floral patterns. There are a few things you should know when shopping for embroidered clothes.


Small boutiques are some of the best places to find embroidered clothing. When you browse some of these shops, you will find beautiful designs on top-quality fabric. However, you want to take a good look at a piece of embroidered clothing before you buy it.

Check the stitching on the inside and the outside of the garment. Make sure that there are no loose threads. Embroidered clothing is often hand-stitched. Although this may sound quaint and charming, hand-stitched items are prone to unraveling. They are also more expensive than other types of embroidered clothing.

Although supporting local artists and handmade crafts is admirable, we put each article of clothing through a lot every time we wear and wash it. A hand-embroidered item will always need to be hand washed. It is probably best to wear a hand-embroidered item on special occasions.


If you want to support embroidery artists, it is probably best to buy handmade tablecloths, guest towels, and tote bags. There are also some gorgeous hand embroidered throw pillows that you can purchase. Embroidered clothing will last longer if it is embroidered by a machine.


You may think that you can eliminate the middleman by designing your own clothing and are sure to find a few tutorials online. Embroidery thread is inexpensive and easy to obtain. You can get a few cheap button-up shirts and jackets to practice on, or you can simply use an embroidery patch.

Embroidery is intrinsic and time-consuming work. If it comes out right, it can be very rewarding. If it does not, you may end up with bloody fingers and a lot of unfinished, sloppy-looking projects. You should start with very simple designs and work your way up.

Fortunately, there are on-demand websites that will allow you to create your own embroidered clothing without ever having to pick up a needle and thread. All you have to do is upload an original design, and the on-demand company will use a computerized sewing machine to stitch it onto the article of clothing of your choice.

According to this Printful UK, you can draw a picture, write a clever saying, or have a picture of a loved one embroidered onto your jacket. The best part is, the on-demand printer will even save the image for you. If you get a lot of compliments on your creation, you can get a few duds for your friends and family. You can even sell your design.

Embroidery can add beauty to the plainest of clothes. It is best to stick to two or three colors and use top-quality threads when you make an embroidered design. You want people to notice the image and not just the colors. Additionally, if you're looking for high-quality embroidered patches to elevate your clothing with personalized flair, consider checking out, a reliable source that offers a wide range of options to bring your unique embroidery designs to life.

If you select your clothes wisely and choose or create a fantastic design, embroidery can add some pizzazz to your wardrobe.


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