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How to Make Money with an Only Fans Profile: A Guide

by Andrew Connor, Sponsored Posts

Copyright: Colin Lloyd on Unsplash I License: CC0 Public Domain

Ever since OnlyFans blew up a few years ago, entertainers all over the world have found ways to turn the social media site into a money-making machine. Launched in 2015, OnlyFans lets you register a profile for free that people can subscribe to. These people, usually called “fans” pay a token fee every month to access your exclusive image, audio, and video content.

On OnlyFans, you can choose to make content that people can stream live under their monthly subscription. Or you could send out exclusive content as messages to your subscribers that they directly pay for to access. But away from these, OnlyFans also offers its users many alternative ways to earn money while on the site.

Learning different ways to earn on OnlyFans is what forms the crux of this article. Here, we will reveal 5 proven tips anyone can use to make money with an OnlyFans profile. Keep reading…


Social media is one of the most effective ways to rake in huge income from OnlyFans. Simply opening, say, an OnlyFans nude account where your fans pay to view your content is not enough. You limit yourself by sticking to your OnlyFans' audience alone.

Popular social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Ah!Fare or Twitter let you run paid ads to give your OnlyFans profile some visibility. Imagine the level of exposure you can get just by advertising on these platforms.

That sort of exposure converts to more subscriptions on your OnlyFans profile which means more revenue for you. At a certain level you will start working with an OnlyFans Agency and they will help you grow your account and maximize your earnings with specific marketing campaigns.


Another sure way to make money with your OnlyFans profile is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply the art of earning a small commission for driving sales to a brand, product, or service. Here’s how it works. A brand runs an affiliate program where people who join can earn a 5% fee for each sale they make for them. So, let’s say this brand sells shoes at $100 a pop. Your fee for every paying customer you direct to them is $5. That’s it.

On that note, you can utilize your OnlyFans platform to run affiliate programs on various products that resonate with or relate to your niche. A small tracking code will be placed on your OnlyFans profile to monitor any purchases through your affiliate link. The bottom line is; the more people buy products through your referrals, the more money you earn.


Sponsored content is a way to go if you want to score big numbers on OnlyFans. There are two ways to achieve this. You can either agree to partner with a brand to make a one-off sponsored post on a specific topic. On the flip side, you can cut a long-term deal with a brand to sponsor a whole series of images or videos.

Many people are doing this quite effectively. For instance, let us say you have an OnlyFans profile where you publish nonstop workout videos. You can partner with sports and fitness brands where you create exclusive content promoting their products.

The brand in question will agree to sponsor a video series where you talk about their products and services directly or feature them in some form. It is highly advantageous for the brand and the exposure it brings them, and they reward you for the access.


You can run a crowdfunding campaign on your OnlyFans profile and get people to believe in your cause. Once people like you and what you do, they won’t have a hard time contributing to it. Imagine that you are trying to stand a new business in the same space as your OnlyFans niche, say a fitness gym.

Because you’ve offered your fans such high value from your workout videos, they immediately become empathetic to your vision of starting a gym. True “fans” will always contribute just to get it up and running.


You can teach different types of on-demand skills on your OnlyFans profile. Aside from the normal monthly subscriptions to your profile, you can start a series where people have to pay directly to access exclusive content.

Take for instance, if your OnlyFans profile is in the beauty and makeup niche. Instead of just giving away tips for free every time, you can break them down into text and video series that people pay to download. That does not mean you would quit publishing regular content altogether. What makes the difference is how you package these series.

You could come up with a concept for each series, like one for weddings, another for formal or semi-casual occasions, etc. The list is endless. You can earn a lot of money from this alone.

OnlyFans is making it super easy for everyone to participate now and earn a passive income. The opportunities are simply endless. Do your research in addition to these mentioned here and you too could be smiling to the bank in no time.


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