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How to Organize a Closet

by Stephanie Elaine

A woman’s closet should be a structured place to easily access your wardrobe and find the perfect outfit for the day. Cutting out the chaos of a messy closet leaves room for convenience in one of the first decisions of your day—picking your attire.


Organization is a key component to having a simple life. Every house has those bedside drawers called “the junk drawer” where random items get grouped, but eventually, that junk drawer can transform into a junk house! We as people love spending money! Buying new clothes and décor for your home can be a nice serotonin booster after a long day at the office. With all these items and no place to put them, it can easily turn your house into a mess.

The new wave of organization has reached the homes of millions. Netflix shows like Get Organized with The Home Edit and Tidying Up with Marie Kondo have inspired us to store our belongings in a new way. They discuss the idea of downsizing the number of belongings we have and then taking the items we do keep and storing them together in their proper place.

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Closets can be overwhelming! It’s a knee-jerk reaction to throw our clutter into the closet when we have unexpected guests at our front door. The messes can pile up and every attempt to attack it is halted by the urge to procrastinate the hours of work you will have to do to fix it. Here are some easy ways to get your closet in order!


Your closet should mirror your ensemble from head to toe, literally! It seems so basic, but so effective to organize your closet in the order you put your clothes on. Using the shelf above your closet for things like hats or beanies, among other accessories.

The main rack of your closet should consist of your blouses and outerwear like jackets on one side and pants and jeans on the other end of the rack. Lastly, you should keep your shoes at the bottom of your closet. Having everything in one place gives a clean look to your space and also helps with finding the right pairings for your outfits.


It may sound like extra work and very few people can say they have a color-coded closet but having that kind of system can allow you to branch out of wearing the few outfits you favor from day to day. It can be so convenient to find clothes based on color instead of having to scan through your entire closet for that one light blue button-up shirt on the rack; instead, you can go right to the blue section of your clothing and find the specific shirt in a fraction of the time. Use the rainbow as your guide and watch how it makes your apparel look like a work of art!


Take it a step further and dress your closet up! The most important step is working with the space you have but there are plenty of accessories that can optimize space and give your closet a sleek look.


Bins are a perfect option to store away smaller items. Hats, belts, sunglasses, and scarves need a home, too! Baskets come in handy to transport all the like items together. If you have a bin designated for hair care products, having one storage container to grab from versus a handful of bottles, can lead to a much easier process.


Labels are a girl’s best friend! Baskets and labels couple well together because most baskets are not transparent, so having a label helps to make your look uniform and also helps you find items without having to think about it. You can pick out the font for your labels and also use designs in your label to add more character to your closet. It takes all your hard work a step further by naming your bins. There is nothing more satisfying than printing out your label and pasting it to its allocated bin.


A wire rack is a great tool to display all your shoes at the bottom of your closet, especially if you have a smaller closet with a lot of shoes. They are easy to assemble and you will always have access to your shoes when preparing the perfect outfit. Displaying your shoes on the rack will be more appealing to the eye as opposed to laying all your shoes out across the floor of your closet.


There is a lot you can do to make your closet sorted. It can be as easy as putting all the similar items together or going a step further and buying things that can bring your closet organization to the next level!


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