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How To Praise Someone Professionally

by Harley Miller

The job market is in shambles at the moment and for good reason. As it turns out 90% of companies plan to implement return-to-office policies by the end of 2024. Interestingly enough, during one of our meetings, we were advised that the work-from-home position recently announced here had over 500 applicants in 72 hours! Yes, you read that right. So, where does this leave us, and what does it mean for people who are going back to the office? Is there a way for us to make the experience a pleasant one?

From the beginning, our offices demanded our presence, and having worked here since 2019, nothing felt strange about it. However, of course, many others had the pleasure of working from home, some of whom were my closest friends and some family members, so I understand. While conducting research for this piece I held a focus group comprised of 150 remote workers, the results were eye-opening.


The People – Companies hire people for what they can do, not their charming personalities, and sometimes this can result in toxic work environments or a space where many people simply do not like one another.

The Commute – Commuting means paying more for gas and food. Whereas, if you stay home you can save on that cost. But, wouldn’t that just mean your grocery bill increases each month? Surely, it’s different for everyone.

Politics – The inability to say what’s really on your mind. If you report something to HR, they can retaliate which of course is illegal to do, but how many times has this happened with no repercussions because we’re too burned out to follow through? Agencies like the NLRB are a great resource to have in your back pocket.

The National Labor Relations Board’s purpose is to help you with improving your wages and working conditions. If you ever feel as though your rights have been violated, or that an employer or a union has engaged in unlawful conduct, you may file a charge though one of their regional offices.

Aesthetics – Lastly, some people just flat-out dread having to sit in a cubicle for 6 hours or daily. They feel the sedentary lifestyle coupled with the dim lights, dirty carpets, cubicles, and lack of windows and sunshine lowers their dopamine, leaving them more moody and cranky.

Given the reasons above, it’s safe to hone in on the people in the workplace. If you’re one of those unlucky folks who has to return to the office next year take a moment to ask yourself what your qualms are and then make a list. This can help you to develop a plan on how to tackle each of these issues separately and efficiently so your work is not compromised.

It’s easy for us to place all the expectations of making our day fulfilling on our superiors, but what about us as, the employees? Human resources encourage employees to professionally praise one another, after all, you spend a significant amount of time with your coworkers, so why not do your best to get along with them?


"Your leadership skills are outstanding. You inspire others to do their best and lead by example." I say this to one of my coworkers almost daily and we chat for a bit about it afterward. It makes her feel good that I admire her work. Danielle is truly one of the most ambitious women I’ve ever met.

"Your dedication to this project is truly commendable. You've put in a tremendous amount of effort, and it shows."

"Your attention to detail is impeccable. Your work is consistently thorough and error-free."

"I'm impressed by your ability to handle challenging situations with grace and professionalism."

"You have a natural talent for problem-solving. Your innovative solutions have been invaluable to our team."

"Your commitment to meeting deadlines is remarkable. Your punctuality sets a high standard for the team."

"Your positive attitude is contagious. You always bring enthusiasm to the workplace, even during tough times."

"Your communication skills are top-notch. You articulate your ideas clearly and effectively."

"Your willingness to take on new responsibilities and learn new skills is impressive. It's clear that you're dedicated to personal and professional growth."

"Your teamwork and collaboration are exceptional. You consistently contribute to a positive and productive work environment."

"Your contributions have had a significant impact on our projects and overall success. Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed."

"You consistently go above and beyond what's expected. Your dedication to excellence is truly appreciated."

"Your ability to adapt to change and thrive in fast-paced environments is a valuable asset to our team."

"Your ideas and insights have been instrumental in our recent achievements. Keep up the great work!"

"Your professionalism and integrity are unquestionable. You're a role model for others in the organization."

"Your expertise in [specific area] is invaluable. Your knowledge and skills greatly benefit our team."

"Your willingness to help others and share your expertise is greatly appreciated. You're a true team player."

"Your leadership during [specific project or initiative] was exceptional. Your strategic thinking and decision-making were key to its success."

"Your dedication to our company's mission and values is inspiring. You embody what it means to be a true [company name] team member."

"Your contributions have made a significant difference in our department's performance. Thank you for consistently delivering exceptional results."

Remember to be genuine and specific in your praise, as it demonstrates your sincere appreciation for their efforts and accomplishments.


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