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How To Radiate Feminine Energy

by Marcia Holmes, Guest Contributor & Danielle Wright

The conversation around feminine energy continues to make its rounds online. By now we should all have some idea of what it is and how it vastly differs from that of masculine energy.

In a world where more girlies are taking on relaxed roles for making money online—we are going to speak on ways you can radiate feminine energy while still earning a lucrative living.

Yes, your masculine side gets expressed when you’re working toward a goal, making progress, getting things done, and pushing forward. Your feminine side gets expressed when you move with the flow of life, embrace your creative energy, dance, play, and be attuned to your internal process.

One question we do get asked is, “If I am a stay-at-home mom and am working towards a goal as far as my family is concerned, does that mean I am dwelling in my masculine?” The answer to that is, no. Being a mother to your children—wife to your husband—is a natural part of your internal process, which means you are still very much radiating feminine energy. This is why if your partner is masculine he will not feel threatened by you parenting or raising the children. He understands that that is an instinct of yours and he will respect you and love you even more for raising his children and taking care of the home.

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But let’s say you want to make some money on the side while not overshadowing your husband or taking on the masculine role in your household. There are options for this that allow you to express your creativity and still earn income. For starters, TikTok.

TikTok has become a groundbreaking phenomenon for regular women to showcase their lives and get paid for doing so. This does not mean they are lifting heavy boxes—unless they choose to. Rather, they are sharing information about what they do on a day-to-day basis. This has encouraged other parents, SAHG or SAHW to follow the same path. We see ‘get ready with me’ vlogs and life as a wife raising four children, six children, etc. and it resonates with so many people that the more likes the video garners, the higher your chances of earning a check from TikTok themselves.

A product I’d recommend if you choose to embark on this journey is the Sharper Image™ SpaStudio 8-Inch Round Vanity Mirror. Here’s why I love it: creating content is not easy and your phone will die quickly. This vanity not only allows you to do a quick face check but also charges your phone at the same time. This is great for the beauty guru girlies as well, if you’d like to pursue that as a hobby via TikTok. This vanity also works perfectly for our next option.

Let's say you want to remain private, express creativity and still earn income. Platforms like FeetFinder are excellent. Here us out! While websites like this have garnered a bad reputation for being salacious or provocative, that is not always the case. Your account or profile is what you make it. You can create an account and share it with others who are interested in your content for their business. It’s like being a UGC creator, but with feet or hand images. This kind of work keeps the bills paid, keeps you in your feminine, and has a high-profit margin.

When you seek to radiate feminine energy, it does not mean you have to be dependent on another person for your livelihood. It could mean something as simple as spending more time in nature, resting, taking vacations, and spontaneously connecting with others. These are all things you can do while still earning revenue. Sadly, in our culture, progress and moving forward tend to be more valued higher than feminine energy—meaning we spend our time working versus enjoying life.

You don’t want to be someone who misses out on the joys of the world because she is sitting in an energy that does not belong to her. As I’ve mentioned it’s easier now for women to earn an income remotely which leaves more time for relaxation and other activities if done correctly. Women were not designed to work as hard as men or to outwork them – feminists, relax.

As you seek to radiate feminine energy take time to reflect – carve out a moment during the day to meditate and listen to your body. If you’re a single woman and are confused about what kind of men you should allow into your life, make a list of what it is that you’re looking for and then learn new ways to attract him. However, make no mistake, your personality and life should not be defined by ‘how to attract a man’. You want to learn to love and respect yourself first.

Women with feminine energy do not entertain just anybody. They are selective, and for this reason, they can continue to lead the life they have built for themselves, only with the assistance of a partner, not the burden of one.

If you’re someone who has spent a lot of time in their masculine it’s time to transform. It’s time to do things differently for the overall pleasure of your life. It can feel scary at first. You may feel unproductive, confused, unaligned, or stagnant. Just know that it’s okay. Once you make your mind up to pursue a talent that does not take you out of your feminine those feelings will go away.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, this could be selling feet pictures online or creating a TikTok where you document your life. Either keep you in your feminine while simultaneously allowing you the means to live comfortably.

We hope this article gave you some additional insight into femininity. Be sure to like, comment and share.


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