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How To Tap Into Your Feminine Energy

by Kyla Cruz

Your soft girl era as I like to call it is the moment when you decide to allow yourself to tap into your feminine energy. Feminine energy is fluid and free. If you’re having trouble being feminine then a shift in your mindset needs to take place.

Are you lifting heavy loads? Are you taking on the provider role despite being in a relationship with a masculine partner? Are you overcompensating and not resting or eating appropriately? If you answered yes to any of the above then you, darling, are not tapped into your femininity.

Opening and closing your car door, restaurant door, etc. are just some of the things a woman should allow a man to do for her. Masculine and feminine energy are polar opposites, things won’t work as they’re supposed to without the right balance of both. Feminine energy is also forceful, strong, and powerful, she is anything but lazy.

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Today, we have more women taking on the masculine role in their households leading them to be less amicable in a relationship—whether it be platonic or romantic. Most women don’t seem to realize that when you get into a partnership with the wrong person you are more likely to be argumentative, lack rest, over-exert yourself, and age faster. As humans, we are interdependent—we need one another and your feminine energy should make it easy to compromise, forgive, work together and resolve conflict.

It can seem small, but let’s take, for example, a woman who enters into a situationship. Most situationships involve one person giving and another person taking. As a woman, standing in your feminine energy means being able to receive.

When you have a partner who is receiving your love, affection, admiration, time, energy, and body, you, in essence, do not get anything in return. Where is the balance of power? One of the first things to consider when deciding to tap into your feminine energy is to rid yourself of any and all situationships. You want to date with a purpose, you want to date to become a wife.

According to Amy Anderson, Founder and CEO of Linx Dating, “As a dating expert, I have two telltale questions to ask yourself about the man you are with to know if he is thinking about marriage, ‘Does he bring up exclusivity?’ and ‘Does he talk about long-term plans?’. He might not be talking about rings or kids but he’s making plans that go beyond the upcoming weekend. Whether it's scheduling dates weeks in advance or inviting you to an upcoming wedding, he’s starting to assume you’ll be in the picture.”

Celebrities who embody feminine energy are Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, the late Marilyn Monroe, and Nicole Kidman to name a few. We see with these women they are not afraid to uproot from one relationship to the next if the relationship is not serving them. Not only that, but these women are almost always engaged or married. They do not [date] men for too long. Tapping into your feminine energy when it comes to romance means getting to the point. Not giving too much, but receiving enough to remain soft and rested.

Learn to embrace your sensuality and ask for help when you need it. Men want to feel needed and naturally, women are designed to give much more than we take, but in the early stages of dating a man you do not want to overcompensate—it can come off as needy. You want to ease your way into nurturing him, think of it as rewarding good behavior. For your first date, you kiss him on the cheek, and so on. Be sure to enjoy more rest and peace and gift yourself.

You show others how you want to be treated. Take the time to decorate your home to your liking—weekly flowers, wine, spa days, splurge on luxurious items such as The Timeless Six+ Limited Editions. This gadget is great for uplifting your bar area and screams luxury. Pour your favorite wine without pulling the cork. This allows you to preserve still wines for weeks, months, or even years. The best way to ensure you are treated properly by someone is for them to see how well you treat yourself. Your soft girl era is all about self-love and affluence.

Tapping into your feminine energy is a time for you to be playful, laugh, and embrace your emotions. Start by seeking to understand your thoughts, and document things. In this journal, I’ve found it easy to jot down ideas and feelings that I may not be ready to share with others, but it helps me to have a general idea of what’s going on in my head and how I can turn those feelings into something profitable or even a hobby. Journaling adjacent to a sweet-smelling candle wrapped up in a blanket next to the window taking in nature allows me to feel without judgment.

When you have a handle on the things that direct you, you can be far more grounded and entertain a masculine with clear standards and goals. Your intuition will guide you aka your sixth sense. Once you’ve become more in tune with yourself you will easily walk away from things that no longer serve you. Your peace will become your priority and your glow will be undeniable.

That is your feminine energy, that is what attracts others to you. Your confidence, your smile, your ability to nurture yourself before giving to others, and more. Cherish your beauty—from your face right down to the soles of your feet—ditch the socks and invest in some warming aromatherapy slippers from (Pantuss ® - Official Store) which are the perfect way to wind down after a busy day at work or home.

Your soft girl era or feminine energy is all about you—receiving and nurturing yourself. Prioritizing your happiness and most importantly, walking away from anything that disrupts your peace and goes against your values.


  • I allow myself to be open to receive because I am a vibrational match for my deepest desires.

  • Things are always working out for me no matter how it looks at any point in time.

  • I am worthy.

  • I attract the things that are for me.

  • You are loved just for being who you are, just for existing.

  • Courage starts with showing up for myself and letting myself be seen.

  • My heart is open.


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