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How to Text a Girl I Like? Man to Woman Piece

Ladies, don't respond unless he does this... by Lisa K. Stephenson

There’s something rather disturbing about the text, “Gm.” When it comes to texting a girl you like, ladies and gentlemen, that is not even a full-length form of communication; that is complete and utter laziness forwarded in a text, and thus a symbol of your importance, or the lack thereof. I have decided that a response to that form of disrespect is no longer warranted.

Habitual, as it seems, this is coming through to my phone on a daily. Maybe my dating companion believes this to be acceptable, as time and time again I am guilty of supplying a response, an adequate response at that: “Good morning.”

What is your text art preference? Small (short and sweet), medium in length, or longer and invested? Let me tell you, a “Gm” text is none of the above, not even a fraction of small. It is less than small; it is minute in comparison and should not even be considered a text, rather an unfinished one. Where is the dialogue box warning us that there is information missing as with that of an email? You may forget a subject to your electronic mail, mindlessly hitting send, but wait, here comes that tiny dialogue box amicably reminding us, 'hey there lad, you forgot something'. The theme, the importance, the subject matter. Where is the dialogue box for text?

But let’s face it, do we need a dialogue box to tell us that something is missing? That some things just shouldn’t be abbreviated via text? For example, "Gm" (Good morning), "Ily" (I love you), or "imy" (I miss you). Granted, we all communicate differently, and as face-to-face communication remains top on the hierarchy followed by phone calls, text, and lastly email when reduced to such social contact such as text, why not make it a significant one?

Unfortunately, because text messaging has become so easy to reproduce and informal, our male counterparts find this to be a far more convenient way to communicate rather than, of course, face-to-face and phone dialing. But just because it is easy does not mean that a message with no meaning, significance, or importance should be transmitted through to your dating companion. This is the first message your companion will see upon awakening? Is that how you would like to know she will begin her day, by receiving an abbreviated text from you with little to no meaning? My, oh my, aren’t you a thoughtful one.

Small texts (short and sweet) are meant to relay a quick message, not to exceed 2-3 lines, and contain insight, generally significant. “Insert classic pet name here, I will be home around five; the meeting ran late. Love you. Do you need anything before I head there?” With just a few words, this companion relayed an important message while including key factors: checked in, checked out, offered services, and utilized the pet name. Good job, sir!

Medium messages are typically my favorite; this is a message that shows you are thought of and your companion wants to engage you in conversation. Not only does it relay a message, but this also looks to create a healthy dialogue. Generally, these messages begin with an open-ended question to which the recipient should respond by providing a complete answer.

“Insert classic pet name here, how is your day going?” Typically, this follows the short and sweet message of “Good morning, insert classic pet name here, just got to work, hope you have a wonderful morning. Speak to you on my lunch break.” A lot is happening here; the small text shows the companion checking in, checking out, and utilizing a pet name. The companion is at work, thus beginning his day, therefore he may not be able to offer services immediately. Then we are followed up with the medium message containing an open-ended question to which dialogue is then initiated.

The importance of inserting the pet name differentiates your dating companion. The recipient knows that you are not simply forwarding a generic message and are ready and willing to converse according to their needs.

Long and invested: If your dating companion or significant other engages you with a message exceeding 6 lines and double paragraphs, please take a minute to determine what is taking place. One of two things is happening here: 1. They are upset and do not wish to see you (initiate a face-to-face communication) or engage in a screaming match (initiate a telephone conversation). The transmission of anger through text allows the sender to comfortably express their thoughts without interruption and the recipient to read and respond at their leisure.

However, this should not go on for too long as psychologists have made it clear that arguing via text simply should not happen! Simple questions without intonations can sound like innocent questions/comments; however, there is no assurance that the other will interpret the message as it was intended. It is best the recipient forwards a small text upon receipt, “I will call you later,” or my personal favorite, “I am on my way.” 2. Avoiding emotional intimacy. Using text messages to communicate intimacy often leads to consequences of unresolved hurt feelings.

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Texting is by no means a form of courting, but it is a good way to initiate dialogue for our generation growing up in the 21st century using small and medium communication. But showing interest is just that, an act of showmanship, not empty promises and fabrications or a “Gm” abbreviation.


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