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Ice Cube Announces "Last Friday" in the Works, Chris Tucker Reflects on Past Decisions

by Riley Cook

Image Credit: Frazer Harrison | Getty Images

After years of anticipation, Ice Cube has confirmed that “Last Friday,” the final installment in the popular Friday series, is finally moving forward. Speaking with Flavor Flav, Ice Cube revealed, “We finally got some traction with Warner Brothers. They have new leadership. My man Mike DeLuca, who used to be at New Line [Cinema] when I first started, when I first did the first Friday and Players Club and All About the Benjamins.”

Ice Cube elaborated on the recent developments, stating, “Mike DeLuca is now running Warner Brothers, and he, along with Michael Gruber, reached out to me saying, ‘Yo, what’s going on with Friday? Let’s get this back online.’” This exciting news arrives almost two decades after the last sequel was released.

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The original Friday movie, written in 1995 by Ice Cube and DJ Pooh, became a cultural phenomenon. Produced on a modest budget of $3.5 million, it grossed between $27 and $28.2 million worldwide. Despite its success, one of the franchise’s beloved characters, Smokey, did not return for subsequent films. Chris Tucker, who played Smokey, has opened up about his decision to step away from the series.

Reflecting on his choice, Tucker shared with All Urban Central, “One of the reasons why I didn't do the second one was because of the weed. That movie became a phenomenon, and I didn't want to represent everybody smoking weed.” Tucker further explained, “I didn't wanna keep doing that character. It was probably good for me because it kept me moving to the next phase and next movies.”

Tucker’s selective approach to his career is evident in his filmography. After the success of Rush Hour and its sequels, he appeared in only a few other feature films, including 2012's Silver Linings Playbook and Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk in 2016. He has consistently prioritized quality over quantity, a decision that has shaped his career significantly.

Ice Cube, meanwhile, continued the Friday saga with two sequels: Next Friday in 2000 and Friday After Next in 2002. The franchise's enduring popularity has kept fans eager for more, leading to the current excitement around “Last Friday.”

While Tucker has expressed a willingness to return to beloved roles under the right circumstances, he remains cautious. “If they come to me with a great script and a great idea, I'd definitely consider it. But it's been so long, and that character became such a great character. I don't wanna mess it up.”

As fans eagerly await further news on “Last Friday,” Ice Cube’s announcement marks a significant step forward in bringing closure to a series that has left a lasting impact on audiences worldwide. With Warner Brothers' renewed interest and support, the final chapter of Friday promises to deliver the humor and heart that has defined the franchise from the beginning.


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