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Introducing the Smartphone Titles Female Gamers Play In 2023

by Stephen Adam

When we aren’t using our smartphones to check out Alexander McQueen’s latest designs or to make plans with the girls on the weekend, gaming is a favored choice for many females. Smartphone gaming is booming in 2023, with people everywhere enjoying its convenience, the enhanced products we can access, and the affordable nature of it compared to other gaming platforms.

While gaming always used to be associated with male audiences, female gamers are now far more prominent in a genre of entertainment that has reached new heights. On mobile, in particular, the casual nature of many games means that it’s an attractive gaming option for people, particularly busy mothers, and successful businesswomen.

The wide choice of options, ranging from playing complex AR games like The Walking Dead Our World to spinning for gold coins on Diamond Strike, means there is something for everyone’s tastes.

As such, with smartphone gaming continuing to win over more and more female gamers at the moment, let’s assess some of the best titles for you to explore on a miniature handheld device right now.

COVET FASHION Is Perfect For Any Fashionistas Out There

Let’s face it, overall, female audiences know fashion. As such, titles like Covet Fashion stand out for people who want a fashion-themed game to play. With players being tasked with dressing and styling models in real-life fashion brands, it’s a great challenge to take on.

You can also have your looks voted on by Covet Fashion’s community of players, you can enter challenges, and even boost your level and your reputation by winning several prizes for your stunning designs. While Covet Fashion doesn’t necessarily replicate the fashion environment we know and love in the real world, it’s still a fantastic product to sample in the virtual space.


A game that has been entertaining audiences everywhere, Subway Surfers is an all-action release where players have to escape a grumpy ticket inspector and his pooch all while destroying the underground. Offering clean graphics and extremely fun gameplay, this particular product is thriving on mobile as it allows gamers to unleash their naughty side.

POKEMON GO’S Augmented Reality Feature Still Appeals

Ever since the game’s release in 2016, Pokemon Go has been downloaded by millions of people who want to sample the product’s unique augmented reality feature. A game that is still thriving today, Niantic’s creation provides the ultimate immersive experience as gamers explore an outside setting and hunt down Pokemon, evolve them, take down gyms, hatch eggs, and a whole lot more. The game also contains a range of adorable characters that you’re bound to fall for.

HOMESCAPES Is Perfect For People With A Passion For Interior Design

Playing as Austin, Homescapes is a top interior design-themed product that tasks gamers with redecorating an entire house. With a match-3 release, players have to select the ideal furniture for specific rooms, restore certain spaces, and essentially make a house a home. Although Homescapes isn’t easy and does take a bit of time to get through, it’s worth it in the end.


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