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Is The 'V' The New #Vogue?

by Anne Berkley

Let’s turn the page and enter the 21st century, the age of technology or as I would consider it, the age of the wasted “V”. Tirelessly, we women hunt for power, conform our beliefs to that of the opposite sex and mindlessly entertain the notion that our “V” is simply just another page to turn in that big book of options and appealing apparel. Has the “V” simply become the new #Vogue?

This is a man’s world and our “V” just reside in it. No? Let’s discuss this inconspicuous shift in power as a means to justify the romantic mental configuration of a man to that of a woman. Man states he is not ready for a relationship, women states that she is. Man stands firm in his decision, woman does what women do best: attempt to change his mind, win his heart and capture his feelings—yes, I know it sounds crazy, but so was the idea of twenty-six-year-old adults “capturing” Pokémon—I digress. As humans we are designed to want what we cannot have, this is basic human nature. If it is inaccessible, serves as a healthy challenge and unattainable to the average being it is considered of high value. Don’t we all to some degree crave valuable things, whether tangible or not?

But here is the big head scratcher, when does your value as a non-committed woman decrease and your power weaken throughout the courting phase? This happens during conformity.

It is during this period your “V” becomes the new #Vogue: a page turning book consisting of pages glued together along one-side and bound in covers. Your “V” becomes an option, an option available and easily accessible to all of mankind with or without a subscription. #Vogue, one-hundred and twenty-three years of consistency, providing us with the latest in fashion, beauty, celebrity, art and lifestyle shows. In addition, #Vogue is published monthly in twenty-three different national and regional editions by Conde’ Nest. All of this at the tip of our fingertips and with little to no effort you too can enjoy #Vogue. We appreciate #Vogue and all that it has done, but where is the appreciation for the #woman?

Allow me to introduce The Un-gettable Girl from my point of view. She is sophisticated, a professional at heartbreak and, u guessed it; un-gettable. Her “V” is not the new #Vogue, because her “V” doesn’t come without a subscription. Month by month and year after year she is effortlessly and diligently exceeding the expectations of her partner’s romantic standards. In turn ensuring his subscription renewal on a yearly basis. The un-gettable girl stands firm in her beliefs, understands the importance of compromise but will not give away her power by trying to convert the mind of an emotionally unavailable prospective mate. #Vogue is beautiful and highly insightful and sought after, yet #Vogue is not un-gettable, unforgettable or elusive and therefore just another book lining a shelf, similar to that of another ‘V” residing in the world of a man.