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Jennifer Lopez's, 'This Is Me...Now': Film Review

by Lisa K. Stephenson

Jennifer Lopez has long been a multifaceted talent, known for her prowess in acting, singing, dancing, and producing.

Image Credit: Tomas Herold | Getty Images

Her latest project, a music/movie video released on Amazon Prime, offers fans a glimpse into her life and creative process like never before. But for many, the documentary preceding the movie left them with more questions than answers.

In "The Greatest Love Story Never Told," Lopez takes viewers behind the scenes, baring her passion, reservations, tears, and hopes for her film. However, despite the intimate look into her life and relationship with Ben Affleck, some viewers felt that Lopez lacked respect for herself and her craft.

The documentary revealed her fear of releasing the self-funded project, where she took on multiple roles including acting, singing, choreographing, writing, producing, and financing—a feat uncommon for an artist of her stature.

Throughout the documentary, Lopez's drive to prove herself as an icon on par with the likes of Janet Jackson and Beyoncé is palpable. Growing up, she was often told she lacked talent, particularly in singing. Determined to defy those perceptions, Lopez embarked on a journey to prove her critics wrong. Yet, despite her success and accolades, she still grapples with the belief that she can achieve her childhood dream.

The music/movie video serves as Lopez's plea to the world for recognition and validation. It's not just a film or extended music video; it's a testament to her unwavering determination to earn the respect she craves. Lopez's interview in "Halftime" delves into her upbringing and the challenges she faced as the sibling deemed untalented. Her relentless pursuit of success is driven by a desire to silence the doubters and fulfill the aspirations of her inner child.

While the project offers some level of relatability, poking fun at Lopez's tumultuous romantic history, it ultimately falls short of fulfilling her quest for fulfillment because she simply cannot sing. Sadly, it seems for Lopez, it's not just about fame or success—it's about achieving personal satisfaction and happiness. Until she receives the validation she seeks, she won't rest in her pursuit of love and career fulfillment.

In essence, Lopez's music/movie video is a reflection of her unyielding ambition and the ongoing journey to find her place in the world. Despite her accomplishments, she remains driven by the desire to prove herself and earn the respect she believes she deserves...vocally, because as a performer, she is already taking it! Until then, she'll continue to push boundaries and defy expectations in her relentless pursuit of greatness.

Music: 2/10 because there is no replay value and vocally she is not there.

Script: 6/10 because I did find some moments to be hilarious.

Choreography: 9/10 because WOW!

Production and Set Design: 10/10

Direction: 7/10


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