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Jessica Biel Goes Back to Bob! *Pun Intended*

by Samara Harris

Jessica Biel has had an eventful month, captivating fans with her diverse ventures.

Image Credit: Megaa | Getty Images

Less than a week after releasing her best-selling children's book on menstruation, "A Kids Book About Periods," the actress surprised her followers with a bold new hair transformation: a super short blunt bob. Biel revealed her new look through an Instagram reel and TikTok video, playfully tugging on her pigtails until they “fell off.” She humorously captioned the clip, “Brought back the f*ck ass Bob 💇🏻‍♀️,” referencing Kat’s haircut from the popular show Euphoria.

The 42-year-old then shared another trending TikTok transition, using the iconic “Why are you so obsessed with me?” audio from Mean Girls. This playful content has left fans not only excited about Biel's new hair but also curious about the genius behind her social media accounts, praising her content creator for their witty and engaging posts.

Biel's new bob comes just nine days after she debuted platinum blonde hair, marking another striking change. Now, with her return to her signature “bronde” shade, she joins other A-list celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Elle Fanning who have also embraced the summer-friendly princess bob cut. This stylish transformation was crafted by celebrity hairstylist Anh Co Tran, renowned for his work with Selena Gomez.

The princess bob, a trend for summer 2024, has been highlighted by leading hair specialist Nicola Wood. “2024 is the year of the bob,” says Wood. She notes that while previous years favored big, bouncy blowouts and lengthy styles, short cuts are making a significant comeback. “Short, glossy, blunt bobs were really popular in the ’90s, and it’s no surprise to see this style returning, now reimagined as the princess bob,” she explains.

One of the reasons for the princess bob's popularity is its versatility. According to Wood, the bob suits every face shape, depending on the chosen length. “It’s a great look that can be adopted by most,” she says. “It’s a very mature, classy style that still offers a bit of edge.” The haircut is adaptable to various hair types as well. For those with thinner hair, a one-length bob creates a neat shape around the face. Meanwhile, individuals with thicker hair may want to incorporate layers to reduce bulk and enhance the shape.

Wood advises, “A thick-haired bob can sometimes look a bit too bulky if not cut correctly, so don’t be afraid to add layers. Invisible layers are a popular choice with this style.”

Jessica Biel’s latest hair transformation, alongside her achievements as an author, showcases her dynamic personality and ability to stay on trend. Whether through her creative storytelling or fashion-forward choices, Biel continues to inspire and captivate her audience, proving that she is not just a star but a multifaceted icon.


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