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Jonathan Majors' Ex-Girlfriend Faces Assault Charges, But Prosecutors Plan To Drop the Case

by Venus Sanders

Grace Jabbari, the former girlfriend of actor Jonathan Majors, was arrested on Wednesday night following a domestic altercation that occurred several months ago. However, it is expected that the charges against her will be dismissed by prosecutors.

Image Credit: Alexi Rosenfeld / Contributor / Getty Images

Jabbari voluntarily surrendered herself at the NYPD's 10th precinct in Manhattan, where she was charged with assault and criminal mischief. Subsequently, she was released after being issued a desk appearance ticket.

These charges arose after Jonathan Majors filed a cross-complaint in connection with an incident that took place on March 25. The case is marked by mutual allegations of misconduct from both parties.

As Jabbari departed from the police station, she remained silent, while her attorney, Ross Kramer, informed reporters that the Manhattan District Attorney's Office has decided not to pursue the charges against her. Kramer stated that, following a comprehensive review, it was determined that Jabbari was not the primary aggressor in the situation.

Kramer explained, "She was the victim in this case, and, you know, they're going to do the right thing. It just happened that we had to come in here and have her spend, and, you know, unfortunately, a bad night at the police precinct."

Jonathan Majors, on the other hand, is facing misdemeanor charges of assault and harassment related to the same incident. A recent court ruling has decided that the prosecution's case will proceed to trial, despite efforts from Majors' defense team to have it dismissed.

The trial has been scheduled for November 29. Jonathan Majors has consistently denied any wrongdoing throughout the legal proceedings.

This situation reflects the complex nature of domestic disputes and the legal process in such cases, with the involved parties making allegations against each other. The decision by the Manhattan District Attorney's Office not to pursue charges against Grace Jabbari suggests that they have concluded she was not the primary instigator of the altercation.


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