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Khloe Kardashian Sent Packing...It Maybe Time To Call In The Professionals

by Kyla Cruz

Shoutout to the rapper, J Cole, I believe he said it best, “Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved.”

I get down to the nitty gritty now that I’m covering celebrity news and don’t quite need a filter. Khloe Kardashian needs to be studied. Hear me out, I am all for supporting True’s grandmother, but if the rumors are true and Khloe is asking to not only take on the financial burdens of the funeral costs, AND is in talk of having a third child with Tristan Thompson, then either we are in a new version of The Twilight Zone or…sorry, that’s just it, we’re in The Twilight Zone.

Getty Images/ Jerritt Clark / Contributor

Our deepest condolences to Tristan Thompson on the loss of his mother, Andrea Thompson who died suddenly. We are by no means desensitized to this tragic incident, however, we have to speak to women. Please, allow me to define the term [Masochist], a person who derives sexual gratification from their own pain or humiliation. It’s embarrassing at this point and anyone who comes to this woman’s defense is probably just like her, but will complain that [all] men are the problem.

Personally, after all the torment and public humiliation, I would have sent my condolences. Khloe’s responsibility to Tristan should not extend past that of True’s best interest. Meaning, if it does not concern her daughter then why is she involved? That is True’s grandmother and so no doubt Khloe should be making sure that her daughter is front and center at the wake, funeral and anywhere else her father deems. But, Khloe girl, it’s not your time to swoop in and play the hero. Have some self-respect.

Can we blame Tristan at this point? Can we honestly continue to hold his feet to the fire when his victim is no longer a victim? She is a willing participant in the Tom foolery.

I am about sick and tired of seeing video essays where Tristan continues to be dragged in the mud and his name tarnished in the media. Has he done some really messed up things? Yes. The eldest of (4) children—one of which is special needs—young, father of (4), a Pisces man, and Jamaican! Come on now, let’s have some common sense.

I believe in Khloe’s mind she means well, but from the outside looking in it seems like she welcomes the pain and gets off on it. No amount of words, flowers, or trips to a therapist's office should grant Tristan access to Khloe let alone her volunteering to cover the funeral expenses for his mother. Nice or not, caring or not, that is just plain self-abandonment.

I don’t think that’s touched on enough. Her need to constantly put others first even if they don’t deserve it. Say what you want, but, Kourtney did the hard work and now she’s a b**ch. But if dealing with Scott wasn’t her wake-up call to stop the self-abuse then I don’t know what was…maybe we can all agree that Khloe should consider taking a page from her sister’s book in that aspect?

We think Khloe is cool, however, there was a time when she lost me when the image started rotating of her holding her Black female friends on a leash for Halloween. But, after becoming a mother I’ve seen another side of Khloe that I do like and so it saddens me that her self-esteem is so low. Despite the wonderful structure, the financial freedom, the organization, and the materialistic pleasures of the world, what else can she possibly teach/give her daughter? Boundaries and advice on relationships are a strong no, no.

According to a source over at ET, “Khloe was very close to Tristan’s mother, and as with any partner, friend, etc. the family will be first to support them, especially in this very difficult time.” We get all of that, but where was his family to support her when a video surfaced of him cheating on her while she was pregnant?

I am not saying to be tit for tat, but by no means should anyone be a doormat. At this point, while this is hard to say, could it simply be a publicity stunt to help keep The Kardashians relevant? Would we even be talking about this had Khloe not boarded that jet with Tristan and headed to Canada with him? Let’s be honest.


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