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Kroy Biermann Appeals to Judge for Permission to Sell $3M Home Shared with Kim Zolciak

by Venus Sanders

In the midst of their ongoing financial turmoil, former NFL player Kroy Biermann is seeking court permission for the sale of their $3 million mansion, co-owned with his estranged wife, Kim Zolciak.

Image Credit: Bravo / Contributor / Getty Images

Documents obtained from court records reveal that Kroy Biermann has urgently requested a court hearing to obtain the green light to list their Georgia residence on the market. With the weight of their financial predicaments looming large, Biermann believes that the sale of the property could alleviate the "significant debt" they have accumulated during their troubled marriage.

Reportedly, the retired NFL athlete has resorted to selling personal items, including high-end clothing, in order to meet monthly mortgage payments and avert foreclosure auction proceedings earlier this year.

However, recent court documents assert that the financial strains continue, with Biermann revealing the failure to make the mortgage payment for the month of July. Consequently, the couple faces the threat of foreclosure once again.

Amidst the financial turmoil, Biermann maintains that Kim Zolciak has also been engaged in selling luxury items, including purses belonging to her and their daughter Brielle Biermann. Despite this, Biermann alleges that the proceeds from these sales have not been allocated towards mortgage payments or any other expenses.

The decision to sell their marital property follows closely on the heels of Kroy Biermann filing for divorce from Kim Zolciak for the second time. Both parties initially sought divorce in May, and in his recent filing, Biermann stated that their union is "irretrievably broken."

Moreover, the filing includes a request for sole legal and physical custody of their four minor children: Kroy Jr., Kash, and the twins Kaia and Kane. It was revealed that a heated dispute over financial matters triggered their decision to end the marriage.

Insiders have noted escalating tensions between the couple due to their mounting financial troubles. Not only did they face the specter of foreclosure earlier in the year, but their divorce news coincided with revelations of an IRS debt exceeding $1 million.

Biermann had previously alleged in May that Zolciak's gambling addiction had wrought financial devastation upon their family. In court documents, he claimed that she was channeling substantial time and marital funds towards gambling and games of chance.

As the situation unfolded, Saks/Capital One initiated legal action against Zolciak, pursuing more than $150,000 in unpaid credit card fees. Furthermore, she faced legal proceedings from Target in June for an outstanding credit card bill amounting to $2,482.24.

Brielle, her eldest daughter, also found herself embroiled in a lawsuit initiated by American Express, which cited an outstanding balance of $12,870.25 on her credit card. Parallelly, Kroy Biermann encountered his own legal woes due to the financial quagmire. BMW Financial Services sued him earlier this year for defaulting on car payments for a vehicle worth $400,100.

In response, Biermann's attorney attributed the financial distress to his retirement from the NFL and the subsequent loss of a substantial salary. The attorney emphasized that Kroy Biermann had not foreseen this situation and placed the onus on the consequences of living beyond their means, asserting that the drastic financial cutback had not been communicated to Kim Zolciak.


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