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Lizzo Confronted With New Sexual Harassment Allegations by Six Additional Individuals

by Riley Cook & Venus Sanders

Lizzo honey this does not look good...

The situation surrounding Lizzo has taken a troubling turn, with more individuals coming forward to accuse the singer of inappropriate sexual behavior. This follows the recent lawsuit against Lizzo by three of her former backup dancers, who alleged sexual harassment. Legal representatives handling the lawsuit have disclosed that they are actively assessing new complaints from at least six people who collaborated with the pop star. These individuals worked alongside Lizzo on her Amazon Studios reality show, "Lizzo's Watch Out for the Big Grrrls."

Image Credit: Lizzo performs at Qudos Bank Arena on July 23, 2023 in Sydney, Australia / Don Arnold / Contributor / Getty Images

According to NBC News, these new allegations revolve around claims of a "sexually charged environment" and accusations of failure to compensate employees adequately. Ron Zambrano, an attorney representing the lawsuit, shared that his firm has been scrutinizing dancers who participated in Lizzo's reality show, seeking to evaluate the legitimacy of these additional claims. Zambrano indicated that while some of the allegations being reviewed might have legal grounds, it is still premature to make definitive statements regarding their potential actions.

The initial lawsuit, brought forth by dancers Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, had already detailed disturbing accusations against Lizzo. The lawsuit outlined claims of weight-shaming, sexually demeaning behavior, and participation in unsettling sex-related shows. Davis and Williams asserted that they were eventually terminated from their positions, while Rodriguez allegedly chose to resign due to Lizzo's actions.

One significant claim within the lawsuit involved Lizzo allegedly coercing the dancers into attending a sex show in Amsterdam's red light district while on tour in the Netherlands in February 2023. The lawsuit described the situation escalating to uncomfortable levels, with Lizzo inviting cast members to engage in explicit interactions with nude performers and engage in explicit acts. The dancers further claimed that Lizzo manipulated them into attending another explicit show against their will.

The allegations have cast a shadow over Lizzo's public persona, as they starkly contrast with the image she projects. The plaintiffs' attorney, Ron Zambrano, emphasized the incongruity between Lizzo's public values and her alleged treatment of her employees. He stated that the alleged behavior went against Lizzo's public image of empowerment and positivity, instead revealing a side that demoralized and demeaned her dancers.

Lizzo has responded to the accusations, characterizing them as "outrageous." She took to Instagram to address the claims, expressing that her work ethic, morals, and respectfulness had been questioned. Lizzo challenged the credibility of the allegations, asserting that they were sensationalized and aimed at misrepresenting her character. She countered the accusations by explaining that she has always been open with her sexuality but would not allow her openness to be distorted to portray her as something she is not.

The singer vehemently denied the allegations of body-shaming and mistreatment of her employees. She conveyed her commitment to respect and inclusivity and expressed her determination not to let the accusations overshadow her positive contributions. Lizzo acknowledged the support she has received and underscored her dedication to the respect that women deserve in the world.

The consequences of these allegations have been tangible. Lizzo has faced significant backlash, including a loss of 150,000 and counting followers on social media platforms. Additionally, her planned appearance at the 2023 Made In America music festival was canceled due to "severe circumstances outside of production control."

Lizzo's former dancers criticized her response to the accusations, deeming it dismissive and empathetically deficient. The dancers suggested that her statements reflected an "utter lack of empathy."

As the situation unfolds, it becomes evident that the allegations against Lizzo have not only raised questions about her actions but have also prompted broader discussions about the treatment of employees in the entertainment industry. The ongoing legal proceedings and public response will likely shed more light on the complex dynamics involved and the implications for the future treatment of artists and performers.


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