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When He Remembers Small Details About You

by Camille Virginia



The first moment on the first date can set the tone for the entire rest of the date. So, no pressure! The good news is that you have a lot of control over that first moment.

Men tend to remember key points in the dating phase – including that moment when you walk up to him on your first date. They may not tell you about those memories for many years (or at all), but trust me when I say that Men Remember Moments.

For example, I've received several texts over the years from different men I dated, long after we stopped dating, each one sharing a memory about me during our time together. This includes sitting in the spot where we first met, walking past the place where we had our first date, and remembering what I was wearing when he walked up to me at a family function.

So just know that “men remember moments” and use that to your advantage by creating the type of impression and memory you want him to have for years or even decades to come. There are two aspects to an Epic Entrance…

1) Flash Him a Big Smile

First, approach him with a big smile, which shows him you're happy to see him before you even say so. Don’t forget he’s probably a little nervous too (“I wonder if she regrets saying yes to this date…” / “Did I choose the right place?”) so when you show up with a big smile, it immediately makes him feel at ease and excited to see you too.

I have a fun story about an unintentional Epic Entrance smile. I’d taken a train out to the suburbs to go to a friend's family birthday party. My friend was running behind on prepping for the party, so she sent her brother (who I'd never met) to pick me up from the train. He texted me that he was running late too, so I ended up walking half a mile through a foot of snow from the train station to a convenience store so he could easily swing by and pick me up.

Honestly, I thought it was a fun adventure, but I think he was expecting me to be mad about the whole thing. So, when he walked into the store to find me, he was totally shocked when I stood there with a big smile on my face and introduced myself. He and I ended up exploring a connection on and off over the next few years, and he would always remind me of that first impression I gave him: "I was so late – but I walked in and you were smiling!"

2) Hug Him Like You Mean it

Second aspect of your Epic Entrance: skip the handshake and go in for a hug. Hugging gives you body contact right off the bat, which will show him you’re glad to see him and set a more intimate tone for the rest of the date. And don’t just light-touch hug, go all in girl! Give him a big, heartfelt hug and stay up in there an extra second or two.

Shaking hands sets the tone of a business get-together (bleh!) so yeah, don't do that. Always hug. Good men can be hesitant to touch women because they want to be respectful, so hugging gives him the green light to go for it.

When you go in for the hug, you gotta commit - I started honing my hug from an early age


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