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Dating During Mercury Retrograde!

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Mercury Retrograde 2020 Dates:

February 17 to March 10
June 18 to July 12
October 14 to November 3

When Mercury is in retrograde watch out!

If you’re not an expert in all thing’s astrology, hearing someone mention that Mercury is in, is going into, or is coming out of retrograde might sound a bit foreign to you. After all, what does that even mean? Will it even affect you? Or is it just an excuse for people who lack in the communication department to have a bad attitude? Though it may sound a little weird or confusing at first, Mercury retrograde is very real and it does have an impact on all our lives.


Mercury retrograde usually happens a few times a year and normally lasts for a few weeks. It’s when the planet appears to be moving backward in its orbit. Due to the way our planet’s orbit interacts with the orbits of other planets, they will appear to be moving backward in the night sky in respect to the zodiacs. This is, in fact, an illusion, which is why it is called a retrograde motion.

Three times a year, Mercury will appear to be in a retrograde motion. These times have been traditionally associated with confusion, delay and frustration. But that’s only because Mercury retrograde is a time where we are forced to turn more inward to reflect on our lives and review past decisions. And because of this, relationships seem to be more challenged than usual. But this doesn’t mean that you should avoid those feelings.

In fact, this is a great time for growth because this event will bring forth key opportunities for self-discovery. And it is in some of our most personal relationships that we do our most significant personal development. So, once you start to take stock of the way events in your life alter your reality, you will see how much of an impact it truly does have on relationships that surround you.

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In 2020 Mercury is in retrograde from February 17 to March 10, June 18 through July 12 and October 14 to November 3. So, what does that mean for you?

Mercury rules all types of communication, including listening, speaking, learning, typing, editing, reading, researching, buying and selling. So, when a planet retrogrades, all these types of things spin out of control. Why does this happen? According to astrologers, when a planet retrogrades, it is in a resting or sleeping state.

Therefore, while Mercury is resting, the activities that it governs do not have the benefit of a well-functioning, wide awake planet to supervise them. Ultimately, things are bound to go haywire!

Here is what you should and should not do while Mercury is in retrograde:

  1. Don’t make any important moves. Nothing will be settled successfully for the future during this time anyway. You will find it almost impossible to execute plans because it is hard to get decisions from others.

  2. The environment is considered fluid and changeable during this time. Do not launch anything new. Do not close on contracts or agreements.

  3. Learn to make peace. Maybe you didn’t want the past to waltz back in, but you will not have a choice. This is happening because it was planned for you to experience. So, lean into what gets brought up in your love life. Listen to what others have to say. Mercury retrograde is all about personal development. So, if it’s been brought up, chances are there is something you need to learn.


As March 10th roles around, it brings forth the ending in the first in Mercury’s retrogrades. During this time, relationships tend to take most of the blows Mercury retrograde throws. You might have felt an uneasiness start in your current relationship, might have seen an old flame appear once more, or felt more attracted to someone you recently started seeing. This is all normal within this time period....

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