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Minimalist Wardrobe for Women

by Petar Bekjarovski, Sponsored Posts

The basic wardrobe is a concept that many people talk and write about. What is this and why does a modern girl need it? The answer is so that the closet is not crammed with a lot of clothes, and every morning you do not have to think about what to wear—there should be about ten basic items in it.

Despite the different types of women, age, weight and social status, the basic clothes in the wardrobe of each of them are universal and similar in many ways. These clothes are just the base to which you can pick up anything to look irresistible.

Basic Clothes in the Wardrobe

The importance of the basic things in the closet does not depend on their number in the list, each item of clothing is suitable for different occasions and can be combined with other positions. But the more options you can create around one simple thing, the weightier and more versatile it is.


With a jacket and pumps, it will look businesslike, and with embellishments, a contrasting belt and stilettos, it will be a great evening outfit. A dress can be worn by a girl of any age and shape type. It is important to choose your dress and skillfully combine it with other wardrobe items.


There can be so many options here that every young girl must find her perfect match. Jeans should emphasize all the advantages of the legs and hide any existing flaws, because this versatile piece can be worn in almost any situation: romantic style, casual, sporty and even office. Good jeans with the right accessories can amplify a look.


A universal option for any age and position of a girl is a pencil skirt. The color of the skirt depends on the wishes and preferences of a young fashionista—although universal black always helps out with any other clothes.


Wearing a suit over a blouse, you can safely go to an important meeting, combining trousers with a pullover - to work in the office, and adding jeans to a jacket - win the heart of a young man with your style. A suit is a universal thing that every girl should have, even if her daily life does not have strict dress code requirements. Although at the age of 20-25 the suit is not as important and relevant as for a woman after 30 years.


There aren't many of them. But in order not to experience the size of your closet, you can purchase pieces of T-shirts and blouses - light and bright colors. Both can be safely worn under a jacket. T-shirts go well with both jeans and in a sporty style, plus, a good quality stylish blouse can once and for all leave a reputation of a fashionable and elegant person behind a girl.


It can be worn under a jacket or vest or can be worn only with jeans, complementing the image with a scarf. A black turtleneck with a black skirt and a slight color accent makes the girl irresistible.


In the wardrobe of a young girl there should be at least one set of good and high-quality underwear, wearing which she will feel like an irresistible queen. Let no one see him, but the inner feeling is sure to be reflected in the facial expression. Although, if possible, this particular wardrobe item is best taken in company stores, sparing no money for quality and brand. Beautiful lingerie creates charm and a mood that is impossible not to notice.


In the basic wardrobe of a girl, there should be at least two pairs of women's shoes - a stiletto heel and classic pumps. It can be difficult to walk in high heels every day, but boring office shoes do not create the necessary charm. In order for the image to be complete, the shoes should be in harmony with the overall appearance. The quality of footwear is an issue that has long been resolved and does not need additional discussion. It is necessary to take care of not only your beauty but also the health of your legs.


To avoid unnecessary costs for accessories that are worn once and forgotten in the closet, it is better to immediately decide on the necessary things. 2-3 scarves can complement any look—be it business or casual. The belt must support the jeans and can complement the pantsuit.

Having pieces of jewelry you can wear every day is one of the best and most practical ways as a minimalist. In addition, instead of purchasing fast fashion jewelry and accessories, think about purchasing high-quality jewelry such as the perfect Roberto coin bracelet.

Summer Clothing Items

As for the warm season, during these few summer months, a girl can show herself in all her glory and demonstrate a sense of style. Among the mandatory summer things of the basic wardrobe are:

Light dress or sundress made of natural cotton. On hot days, it can be relevant both for the office and for an evening walk. The dress can be worn with heeled sandals or regular flip-flops, it will be appropriate in any situation.


A maxi dress makes a girl mysterious and elegant. It is suitable for a trip to the beach and would be an appropriate look at dinner in a restaurant.


The accessory, which went out of fashion for some time, giving way to bandanas and sports caps, is confidently returning to the leading position and should be in every girl's wardrobe. The modern variety of types of summer hats allows every fashionista to find a suitable option for herself to look attractive and mysterious.

The Subtleties and Nuances of a Winter Basic Wardrobe

Clothing for winter also has some features. During this period, you want to wrap yourself in a blanket and not go anywhere, but, unfortunately, it is impossible to do so. Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity doubt how many things are needed for winter to look more attractive than a “snow woman”.

For the cold season, every girl’s closet must have several pieces of clothing that will warm in the cold and allow her to remain attractive and stylish. In addition to the clothes mentioned above, you can also name:


You can hardly go to work in such clothes, but meetings with friends and walks in a snow-covered city are good reasons to put on a sweater.


Even for a young girl, these accessories are an indispensable element of the basic wardrobe in the cold season. Moreover, the variety of modern options allows you to choose an option that will become a real decoration for a fashionista. Especially if the whole set is the same style.


Not always a cheap and affordable wardrobe item, but neither a down jacket nor a sheepskin coat can transform a girl like a faux fur product. For young fashionistas aged 25-30, a short faux fur coat is an acceptable option.

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When purchasing things for a basic wardrobe, it is difficult for a girl to decide which things will become her favorite and fit her overall style and image. But if you follow the basic rules and recommendations, you will be able to create a basis for further diversity, which at the same time will not inflate the size of the cabinet to the immense.


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