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Most Exciting Crocs Collaborations for Summer

by Oliver

Love them or hate them, Crocs have found the perfect solution to reinvent themselves as a must-have brand, skyrocketing in sales and popularity across the globe, and securing lucrative collaborations with top brands and famous fashion houses.

From partnering with top fashion label Balenciaga yet again to introducing the iconic chip brand Pringles to the fashion world, 2024 sees several highly anticipated collaborations that will have you searching for your ideal pair of Crocs NZ in no time.


Salehe Bembury is well-known for his innovative and distinctive designs. He is once again making waves in the footwear world through his latest collaboration with Crocs. The clashing of these two worlds is a bold step, perfectly combining high fashion and practical footwear in a unique way only Bembury could achieve.

The collab, expected to drop in Spring/Summer 2024, is a seamless continuation of the existing Crocs Pollex Clog and Crocs Pollex Slide, which Bembury, as the creative director of the Pollex Pod collection, has already designed and released.

The sneakers' standout design includes the fingerprint-inspired spiraling sole that has become a signature of Bembury’s work with Crocs. The traditional upper part features a mesh inner lining, a medial shank, and perforated overlays. The available color palette will cover a range of vibrant and bold shades, including soft pink, deep navy, and a semi-translucent layer in green and blue.

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Under the watchful eye of creative director Demna, Balenciaga has redefined the boundaries of high fashion, effortlessly blending it with the comfort and accessibility of classic streetwear. Their ongoing collaboration with Crocs best exemplifies this fusion.

In 2024, we will see yet another collection between the two famous brands, which is said to include several different designs and styles. However, only two sandals have been seen so far, featuring a shade of blue and a graffiti-inspired variant. The shoes retain their iconic platform sole and open-toe design, which has become the standard of previous releases.

The blue version has a beautiful and serene monochromatic look, ensuring immense versatility with a hint of understated luxury. In comparison, the graffiti model encapsulates a rebellious spirit, with a white base splattered with punk-infused black script and logos.


Futura Laboratories has had its hands in footwear for some time, working on shoes for Virgil Abloh, Dr. Martens, Salehe Bembury, and more. However, the company is now working directly with the iconic shoe brand to produce its own version of the Classic Clog.

Available in Green Ivy and Pearl White, the designs will feature Futura’s recognizable graffiti style. Green Ivy is easily the livelier option of the two, including vibrant hits of green, pale blue, fuchsia, and black. Alternatively, Pearl White is more toned down, with beautiful silver hues alongside the company’s signature atom symbol. The limited-edition drop includes six new Jibbitz charms, which include a selection of Futura’s symbols and characters.


Simone Rocha showcased her first collection with Crocs during the Spring/Summer 2024 runway season and is now back for another round. The new partnership debuted at the Fall/Winter 2024 show at London Fashion Week, giving fans a taste of what to expect with the latest drop.

The collaboration beautifully blends the designer’s distinctive Victorian-inspired aesthetic with Crocs’ iconic silhouettes and includes baroque-inspired detailing on the chunky slip-on designs. Oversized Jibbitz cover the shoe’s upper and toe, featuring pearl, spike, and crystal embellishments.

The collection comprises four main silhouettes: the Siren Heeled Clog, the Crush Boot, the Platform Stomp Clog, and the Classic Lined Clog, all in the simple and chic colors of white or black.


Since images of a sample pair first surfaced at the beginning of the year, Naruto fans have patiently waited for the Crocs X Naruto collaboration to finally drop. The long-running Japanese anime TV series has garnered a massive fanbase, leaving many people on tenterhooks for official news to be released.

In a thrilling announcement in February, Crocs unveiled their collaboration with Naruto, showcasing two distinct variations of the Classic Clog design. One design features Naruto Uzumaki, the show's protagonist, in his iconic orange hue, while the other showcases Kakashi Hatake, Naruto’s enigmatic sensei, in a vibrant green. Additionally, Naruto-inspired Jibbitz will accompany the released clogs, which will be available in adult and kid sizes.


In one of the more unexpected collaborations to drop in 2024, the famous food brand Pringles is teaming up with Crocs to unveil a new collection featuring three unique shoe designs inspired by iconic flavors and classic packaging. The Classic Crush Boot leads the collection, dazzling in the iconic ‘Pringles-red’ hue with a unique heel designed to mimic the appearance of stacked chips. The most distinctive feature of the shoe is the custom holster designed to snugly fit a can of Pringles, allowing fans to carry their favorite snack wherever they go.

If you prefer Classic Clogs and Slides, the collection includes these standard designs with straps adorned with Mr. P’s famous mustache, featured in colors representing the various Pringles flavors. In partnership with the collection, an exclusive chip flavor, the ‘Pringles Croc-Tail Party,’ will be released in the U.S. only. The flavor is an interesting blend of tangy lime, sweet watermelon, and a hint of chili spice.


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