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Must-Have Eyewear for Summer: Polarized Aviators and Retro Browlines Like Ryan Gosling's Sunglasses

by Samreen Sheikh

Who could forget the scene in Drive where Ryan Gosling's character sports a pair of sleek silver aviators before going for a nighttime drive through Los Angeles? That iconic moment helped spark a resurgence of retro eyewear, as Ryan Gosling sunglasses choices have inspired many to take a second look at classic aviator and browline frames. These vintage-inspired styles are now must-have eyewear picks for summer.

Both aviators and browlines are making a significant comeback, fueled by Gosling and other stylish celebrities wearing these throwback shades. Beyond their retro appeal, these timeless frames also look great on various face shapes and have a cool versatility that pairs well with any warm-weather outfit. Their comeback is made even better by the availability of polarized lenses, which reduce glare and make aviators and browlines ideal for all your summer adventures under the sun.

History of Aviators and Browlines

Aviator sunglasses first became popular in the 1930s and 1940s as pilots began wearing teardrop-shaped frames with large lenses to protect their eyes while flying. The aviator style was pioneered by American Optical and quickly adopted by the U.S. military for pilots. By World War II, aviator sunglasses were standard issues for air force pilots.

Their cool military pedigree made aviators a symbol of bravery and adventure. Over the decades, aviators retained their reputation thanks to continued use in the military and by law enforcement. Pop culture also helped cement their iconic status, with aviators appearing in classic films like Top Gun.

Browline glasses also emerged in the 1940s-50s and became ubiquitous by the 1960s, known for their bold half-frames and sophisticated look. They were worn by cultural figures from JFK to Malcolm X. Both styles remain forever classic.

Ryan Gosling's Influence on the Resurgence of Retro Eyewear

Ryan Gosling has played a major role in the recent revival of retro eyewear styles. His accessories in movies like Drive and Only God Forgives helped bring vintage aviators back into the spotlight. Photos of Gosling wearing browline and aviator sunglasses off-screen further fueled public interest. As an A-list celebrity, his eyewear choices carry weight in influencing fashion trends.

By donning classic shades like Ray-Ban aviators and Shuron browlines, Gosling reminds audiences of the timeless appeal of these frames. His rugged good looks perfectly complement the masculine yet sexy vibe of retro specs. When heartthrobs like Gosling sport vintage sunglasses, public demand for that style inevitably increases. His impact demonstrates the power celebrities have in sparking renewed enthusiasm for wardrobe staples like aviators and browlines.

The Comeback of Retro Frames

Aviators and browlines are making a major comeback for several reasons. Vintage appeal is a top factor, as their retro styling stands out from more modern-looking options and hearkens back to classic 20th-century fashion. These timeless classics also offer great versatility to complement any summer outfit from breezy dresses to swimsuits.

Their universally flattering teardrop and double-bar shapes tend to complement various face shapes as well, suiting many different people while providing both eye protection and a stylish look. While original aviators and browlines from Ray-Ban and other luxury brands cost a pretty penny, there are now very affordable options from reputable companies like American Optical.

These let everyone get in on rocking the throwback pilot shades style. Current releases maintain the iconic retro look of the originals while updating lens technology, comfort, and customization. The big-time comeback is clearly on for these renewed vintage-inspired aviators and browlines.

Why Polarized Lenses Are Key

Polarized lenses are an ideal match for both aviator and browline frame styles. They utilize advanced special filtering technology to effectively block and reduce annoying and potentially dangerous reflected glare off surfaces like water or car hoods. This results in significantly less eye strain while driving or participating in activities outdoors under sunny conditions.

Polarization is especially effective and useful in new takes on these retro sunglasses because it enhances clarity and visibility while maintaining the classic teardrop and double-bar styling. For those seeking old-school shades with improved modern lens performance, polarized browline sunglasses or aviators are a must-have.

Reputable brands like American Optical now offer polarized lens options in these iconic time-tested frames. The advanced glare-cutting lenses filter and absorb reflection and glare while the durable frames evoke that desired vintage cool vibe. Polarization truly takes aviator and browline eyewear utility and style to the next level.

Perfect Pairs: Matching Outfits to Aviators and Browlines

Retro sunglasses like teardrop aviator sunglasses and bold browlines effortlessly complete any summer look. Match aviators with casual outfits like jeans and tanks or swim trunks and t-shirts for laidback flair. Pull together a dressy date-night ensemble with sleek browlines.

For a chic daytime look, pair oversized browline shades with breezy sundresses or jumpsuits. Go for color coordination with blue aviators and denim cutoffs. Or create an eye-catching contrast with tortoiseshell browlines over an all-black outfit. Classic aviators and browlines add instant vintage cool to every outfit.

Overall, this summer, be sure to stop by your go-to eyewear shop to pick up these iconic sunglass styles for effortless warm-weather styling. As discussed here, aviators and browlines are must-have shades that evoke retro charm while looking fresh today. And opt for useful polarized lenses to reduce glare for the clearest vision. Like style icon Ryan Gosling, you'll give off instantly cool vibes in these timeless sunglasses all season long.


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