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New York Fashion Week: The Lisa Nicole Collection

by Samara Morris

Lisa Nicole Cloud - Photography: Dia Dipasupil /Getty Images

Last night, Monday February 13th, 2023 fashion designer, producer, and former star of Bravo TV’s ‘Married to Medicine’, Lisa Nicole Cloud in collaboration with Rolls Royce and Manhattan Motor Cars, presented “Luxury in Fashion” Runway Show at New York Fashion Week 2023. Lisa debuted her latest collection, Je Ne Sais Quoi which translates to, a quality that cannot be described or named easily.

She’s SINGLE Magazine was in attendance, having the pleasure from the third row to view the stunning pieces, and while the collection was great, the overall experience was a tad bit chaotic and distracting. Let’s start from the top, shall we?


New York Fashion Week is held in February and September each year and is a semi-annual series of events in Manhattan, typically spanning 7-9 days. Lisa Nicole Cloud shares her inspiration behind the new collection during an interview with Sheen magazine, “The inspiration behind the collection was for women to make a statement. It’s a resort wear collection, with a touch of swimwear, ready-to-wear, and cocktail attire. The collection was to not only make women feel sexy, but bold and fearless.” That it did.

While the beginning of the event was catastrophic for some, the overall presentation flowed beautifully. What do I mean? Prior to showtime, many media personnel were forced to remain outdoors—in the New York City chilly weather—for more than 45 mins as production assistants, security, and assistants all vigorously shoved people out locking the doors behind them.

Once we were all able to fit inside—some standing and others sitting behind rows of attendees with their view obscured—the show began.

Lisa Nicole’s collection is cohesive, innovative, and attractive.

The Lisa Nicole Collection told a story, starting with brighter colors (i.e. reds) and making its way down to neutrals (i.e. black and white). The models were immaculate and structured, some sauntered while others aggressively made their way down the catwalk giving the audience a moment to snap and shout, “Yassss”.

“The collection is sophisticated and for the woman who is sexy; she can wear the look, not have the look wear her. The clothing stands out and is bold as Lisa intended it to be. With a collection such as this, you can walk into a room and command it without saying a word. The women were not naked, they were classy. Each piece was meticulously crafted and styled together with the appropriate accessory—the hats, the necklaces, the gloves, the scarfs, and even the earrings all fittingly complimented each look. This collection is worth shopping and I am happy to have had the opportunity to view it. Lisa Nicole is a contender in the fashion industry. She is here to stay.” – Lisa K. Stephenson, Editor in Chief.

Lisa’s design is known “for accentuating the silhouette of a woman with a timeless and edgy appeal.” Sure, but the only takeaway based on our overall viewing is that for this collection to be seen as one that can compete with the elites, it can stand to be more inclusive. From images and videos, it was evident that the LNC does not appeal to a wide range of sizes as plus-sized models were noticeably absent from the runway.

As a fashion editor I believe that from 2023 and beyond inclusivity [is] fashion, without it, you will have a stagnant brand that cannot appeal to the wider audience, prone to bad press and a less than inviting market. Additionally, the lack of sustainability. Visibly the pieces are stunning, but a deep dive behind the brand shows there is a lack in some areas of productivity.

As for SSM, we hope to see more and to be there as the LNC continues its journey. We do believe it is destined for greatness.

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About Lisa Nicole Cloud

Lisa Nicole Cloud is a successful entrepreneur, author, business coach, motivator, visionary and creator of the Lisa Nicole Collection. Lisa Nicole Cloud is an astute businesswoman as well as a talented and creative fashion designer. Lisa’s mission in life is to help people identify their talents so they can Do More, Be More, Achieve More and impact our community in a positive way.

Lisa has expanded this philosophy into the world of fashion by designing clothes for women who desire to exude Power, Class, Sophistication and Sensuality. Lisa’s mantra in life is Live Your Dreams, embracing this philosophy as this year Lisa Nicole celebrates 10 years as a fashion designer.


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