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Our Teen Queen: 1 on 1 w/ Janira Obregon

An Exclusive Interview by Pamela Valdez

Model, Influencer, former New York Miss Amazing Teen, and activist, Janira Obregon is someone who brings something incredibly special to the world. Obregon graduated high school ranking #4 of 100 seniors from her class, went on to earn her Associate’s in Paralegal Studies from LaGuardia Community College in New York, and later received the first runner up at a national pageant in Los Angeles in which she was able to represent her home of New York. All of these achievements are not only amazing milestones in Janira, but just the beginning of all of the goals she has set for her future.

Last May, Janira graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice; she is now planning on going into the field of Law. Before all of her powerful accomplishments, Janira was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Spastic Quadriplegia soon after she was born. Cerebral Palsy is a common disability that is found in children affecting their brain and causing weakness or problems within their muscles.

This normally develops before, during, or after birth. Spastic Quadriplegia or spastic tetraplegia is spastic movements that occur in three limbs, typically both of your legs and one arm. This is also a type of cerebral palsy. Despite having these disabilities, Janira continues to push boundaries and achieve her goals.

Growing up Janira never saw children on television, books, or shows who had the same disability that she did. This motivated her into becoming a leader for other people, bravely deciding to be a steppingstone in the face of others. Besides her goal of going to Law School in the future and maintaining her 3.7 GPA, she has been a continuous advocate for modeling with brands such as Nike.

One of the most significant events she’s participated in includes the Fashion Revolution Event for Runway Of Dreams. This is a foundation that uses clothing to teach adolescents that beauty is not one size or one stereotype; people with disabilities can have more confidence and be a leader in the fashion industry. This showcase continues today, and Janira was once one of its proud participants.

Everyone faces complications in their lives but Janira is not one to back down. When she participated at the New York MISS Amazing Pageant, she was able to represent all women and girls with disabilities. That same year, she continued to reign, taking the title of Teen Queen, then two years later obtaining the title of Jr. Miss Queen.

Although some may label her as just another girl with a disability, Janira Obregon keeps pushing through these stereotypes that she can’t live a life like any other normal girl her age. Looking at these limitations, she does not see them as a weakness, but as a way to encourage other people that no matter what you look like, what you have, or what you think is a setback, should only be your motivation.


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