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Q&A: Chrissy - The New Face of R&B

An Exclusive Interview by Bailey Roach


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The girls of R&B—Whitney, Brandy, Aaliyah. We know them and we love them. But the 90s are far behind us and the world is yearning for a new household name. And fortunately for fans everywhere, we’ve found the perfect new R&B singer to pass the torch onto—Chrissy!

23-year-old Chrissy Stokes is a singer, actress, and social media starlet. With an album debuting on October 16th, a lead role in a television show, and a wildly entertaining YouTube channel, Chrissy has taken 2020 by storm.

In an exclusive interview with She’s SINGLE, Chrissy gave all the details about her inspiration, goals, and hopes for the future.

BOLDBoss Question (1): What artists did you listen to growing up that have inspired the music that you make now?

CH: “I always loved to listen to Whitney Houston and Brandy Norwood. I think those are my top two right there. And I like Beyoncé too, you know, you can never go wrong with Beyoncé. She can do anything!”

BOLDBoss Question (2): What inspired you to write Relax?

CH: “My biggest inspiration was my husband. He’s so hardworking and he’s always taking care of people, so I just want him to sit back and relax.”

BOLDBoss Question (3): What can fans look forward to when listening to your album?

CH: “It’s vibey and chill—they should kick back with a glass of wine while listening to it. If they like the 90s vibe, they will enjoy it. And it’s a visual album, so almost every song has a music video with it.”

In addition to her singing career, Chrissy plays the lead role of Nicki Ross in the television series “Howard High.” The show follows a high school on the verge of closing down because it has become the lowest-ranked school in the state of California. The new music teacher, played by Marques Houston, finds hidden talent in the school’s Performing Arts program and helps the students embrace their passion for music—putting them on a legitimate path to become champions.

BOLDBoss Question (4): How were you able to connect with the role of Nicki, as you are very involved in the arts yourself?

CH: “When I first read the script, I liked Nicki because she’s not afraid to show her emotions. Whether she’s sad or happy—she’s not afraid to express herself. I’m more reserved, so I liked that I was going to be able to play a character that isn’t. And she knows how to sing and dance, so I was like, you know what Nicki, I like you! I want to play you.”

Chrissy and her best friend Miya Dickey-Houston—newly married to Marques Houston—upload content to their shared YouTube channel, Chrissy & Miya. Their bubbly personalities and longtime friendship show through the screen as the two film challenges, mukbangs, playlist reviews, and more.

BOLDBoss Question (5): What has been the best thing about filming YouTube videos with Miya?

CH: “She is my best friend of all time. It’s always a good time to be around her. I would say my favorite thing was pranking her. She’s the best—I love to film content with her.”

BOLDBoss Question (6): I saw that you’re taking a break from the channel. Do you plan to get back to a regular posting schedule or are you both moving on to bigger things?

CH: “Most definitely we’re going to keep going! We’re just taking a little break. Miya just got married and I’m hoping she’s enjoying her honeymoon phase. It’s not going to be a set schedule, like every Wednesday as it was before, but there is still going to be content uploaded sporadically.”

BOLDBoss Question (7): Do you have your own YouTube channel?

I just started my channel! It’s IAmChrissy97. I’ve also started a family channel with my husband; Chrissy & Gio. There everybody can get to know me, my husband, and our baby. We’re going to start releasing content soon. On my channel, I’m going to post makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, and things like that. On the family channel, it’s going to be more of a look into my everyday life—a lot of vlogs are coming.

Chrissy’s debut album, Taken, will be released on all digital platforms on October 16th, 2020. Her single, Relax, is available to stream now on all streaming services. You can follow Chrissy on Instagram @iamchrissy97—and don’t be afraid to reach out; “I love responding to DM’s,” she laughed.


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