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Q&A: Four Black Female Doctors Launch New National Medical Show

by Lauren Bailey Roach

Image courtesy of Taroue Brooks

Four women of color – who are also friends, mothers, wives, and doctors – come together to share their experiences with an audience whose specific needs have not been addressed by any other show on the air. Dr. Amber Brooks, Dr. Kristen Trulear – Jackson, Dr. Tamika Knox, and Dr. LaKesha Legree are four African-American physicians who are dedicated to reducing healthcare disparities in women and communities of color.

Drawing on their collective 49 years of healthcare experience, C4PEMD delivers pertinent mental, physical, and spiritual health information to women, in a transparent format, that helps them in their wellness journey and empowers them to take action.

The doctors are also not afraid to discuss issues that others may not want to put on the table. Brooks, Trulear-Jackson, Knox, and Legree are bold, powerful, and equipped to have discussions needed in the community.

BOLDBoss Question (1): What sorts of health concerns do women uniquely face?

ATLK: Increased rates of mental illness

Increased rates of attempted suicide

Sexual health

Health technology is desperately lacking with regard to women’s health issues and apps

Increased rates of maternal mortality when comparing white women to nonwhite women

Heart Disease presents differently in women

Women uniquely have reproductive issues

Stress adversely impacts women differently than men

Strokes and Trans-ischemic attacks (mini-strokes) present differently in women

BOLDBoss Question (2): How has COVID-19 unmasked the long-standing health disparities within the black community?

ATLK: Where do we even begin with this question? There are so many studies out on this topic. We’ve listed a few sites for you to review to gain additional information. I’ve also attached via email to you a paper about it from the Journal of American Medical Association. This is just one drop of water in a sea of information that exists out there on this topic. So, I encourage you to research more!

American Medical Association Response

CDC response on the pandemic and healthcare disparities

Mental Health America Response

BOLDBoss Question (3): How will this show provide help to those who need it?

ATLK: C4PEMD’s authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability, combined with our healthcare expertise, allow us to meet women right where they are in their wellness journey. We share personal health stories combined with clinical information and expertise to help elevate the voices of all women, especially women of color.

  • We recognize that healthcare and wellness are not currently accessible to all. Therefore, we provide tangible resources and applicable action plans at the end of each episode to assist all women in their wellness journey.

What are our Goals?

  • Disseminate medical information as it pertains to and how it presents within minority communities.

  • Utilize our individuality to invite the audience into our respective personal health journeys in an attempt to authenticate the health and medical experiences of each viewer.

  • To empower women of color to advocate for their health and well-being in addition to that of their men, children, and communities.

  • To have a global impact on the reduction of healthcare disparities amongst communities of color and to enhance the overall quality of life and rates of survival within these communities.

BOLDBoss Question (4): What channel or program will your show be on?

ATLK: We can’t disclose that right now……BUT please follow us on our YOUTUBE channel at

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