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Q&A: Marlo Richardson, Founder of Braymar Wines

Black owned distillery, an interview by Stephanie E.

Image courtesy of Otter Public Relations

Meet Marlo Richardson, the serial entrepreneur making waves and inspiring others along the way. It is not every day you come across a black owned distillery, well, today is your lucky day. Marlo Richardson sat with us here at She’s SINGLE Magazine to tell us a bit more about her business, her brand, and her bravery.

Marlo spends her time posting motivational quotes while enjoying the fruits of her labor and doing so, with elegance and grace. We couldn’t help but notice how outgoing she is, always smiling and supportive of other women, she wrote, “So, I went outside this weekend.

I usually stay so focused on what I need to do that I am rarely impressed with what someone else is doing. I usually don’t even like to hear it because it can be distracting and everyone has a different lane. But when a friend of mine called me with Miss Diddy on the line and said we had to meet, I was excited! I love how this woman moves and what she does intentionally!”

We’re all about women empowerment and so is Marlo. Check out her interview below and don’t forget to support this Queen in all of her endeavors.

BOLDBoss Question (1): Who is the woman behind the brand, can you tell our readers about Marlo Richardson (single, married, mother)?

Marlo Richardson: I am an unmarried mom of two daughters. I live In Los Angeles and have been an entrepreneur since I was 21 years old.

BOLDBoss Question (2): What made you decide to start your very own wine and spirits distillery?

Marlo Richardson: I currently own my fourth business in the food and beverage industry. After years of spending money buying wine and spirits, I decided it was time to create something of my own.

BOLDBoss Question (3): How do you find yourself standing out in the market?

Marlo Richardson: I think customers will initially find my bottle label unique and want to take a closer look. From there I hope they scan the QR code and read my story. I think every good product/ wine has a good story to match the quality of the product. I want people to know my story and to be inspired by it.

BOLDBoss Question (4): What can customers expect from Braymar wines?

Marlo Richardson: They can expect a quality product that is consistent and made for all levels of wine connoisseurs to enjoy.

BOLDBoss Question (5): What are some of the mistakes you've made along the way? How has those mistakes helped you to grow?

Marlo Richardson: I have made so many it’s hard to keep track. But I’ll say in the early stages I was not thorough in how I negotiated business ventures. I was too excited to be a part of the business and often missed some of the important details that could have been in my best interest.

Those mistakes have helped me tremendously in being able to determine the true value presented in the business opportunity. I’ve learned to be patient and to understand that if it’s for me, it will happen.

BOLDBoss Question (6): What is your motivation as a serial entrepreneur?

Marlo Richardson: My motivation is freedom and it’s a very simple concept. I don’t want to be beholden to anything or anyone that doesn’t make me feel valued or appreciated for my work, effort, or progress.

BOLDBoss Question (7): As a California wine maker, can you tell us the process to accomplishing such a goal?

Marlo Richardson: It comes down to sourcing and taste. Find wineries that you can source from that commit to consistently providing a high-quality product.

BOLDBoss Question (8): What advice would you give to aspiring wine makers and vendors hoping to get into the industry?

Marlo Richardson: Be patient and enjoy the process of tasting wines and pick what fits your tastes.

BOLDBoss Question (9): As a minority woman, what are some of the challenges you face in the Hospitality industry, if any?

Marlo Richardson: I would have to say people not taking me seriously.

How do you overcome those challenges? Being straightforward and direct has helped me find success in the industry. People take you seriously after you invest. Under normal circumstances, I would let my personality do the work and work on building a solid business relationship.

BOLDBoss Question (10): What steps are you taking as a minority business owner in the 1% of the winemaker business to help aspire others and give back to the community?

Marlo Richardson: I have worked with and sponsored events that are also minority businesses and provide a high level of service and quality for the consumers.

BOLDBoss Question (11): What else can our readers look forward to from Marlo Richardson: Stage 21 and Braymar wines?

Marlo Richardson: I am currently working on commercials that will help consumers understand who we are.

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