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Q&A: Toby Morgan, Founder & President of LUSCA®

LUSCA® puts a new name and face to the ‘functional apparel’ space by Venus Sanders

Here we celebrate the women who are doing it for themselves; innovative, hardworking and ready to make a change. We had the chance to speak to Toby Morgan, President and Founder of LUSCA, a functional apparel company. LUSCA® is a bodysuit brand built around the desire to improve women's lives. Designing with style and innovation in mind, they create better options for today’s women. Ready to learn more? Check out the full interview below and of course, support Black Owned Businesses!

BOLDBoss Question (1): Who is the woman behind the brand, can you tell our readers about Toby Morgan (single, married, mother)?

TM: Toby Morgan is a Jamaican-born 80’s baby currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. She is single with two adorable Pomeranians. She loves expensive shoes, lemon drop martinis, travel, avant-garde films, moderate exercise, beaches….and LUSCA :)

BOLDBoss Question (2): What is considered ‘functional apparel’?

TM: LUSCA is a functional apparel brand in its infancy. The goal behind LUSCA isn’t to sell clothing but to sell a solution by creating magnetic clasps that are made for female anatomy specifically and to integrate these clasps into the garments that women wear routinely to enhance the wearer’s overall experience.

We decided to start this enhancement process with bodysuits because it didn’t seem like any other big brands (SKIMS, Spanx, Naked Wardrobe, etc.) were addressing the issue. For many women, using the bathroom was the “elephant in the room” so to speak when wearing a bodysuit. The current industry offerings aren’t a solution. Snap buttons aren’t a solution. Gaping holes aren’t a solution. Hook-and-eye clasps are not a solution (most women turn their bras around and hook them from the front, why would we want to use those hooks between our legs?).

LUSCA is providing a patent-pending solution. We have strategically placed a thin and flexible magnetic clasp in an area that is invisible under clothing but visible to the wearer for easy removal. Difficulty using the bathroom is a thing of the past. No more getting completely naked in the bathroom stall or struggling to “re-button” the impossible. Welcome to the LUSCA experience.

BOLDBoss Question (3): How do you find yourself standing out in the market? In direct comparison to Good American bodysuits, what makes your brand unique?

TM: LUSCA is a magnetic closure company that is dedicated to the innovation, advancement, and modernization of clasps/closures that are specifically designed to interact with female anatomy.

No other brands are currently offering what we offer in this space and so it's difficult to compare ourselves to celebrity-based clothing brands or other brands that are creating bodysuits/shapewear garments with clasps that were invented over a century ago.

BOLDBoss Question (4): From lawyer to fashion brand owner, can you take us on your transition journey?

TM: Toby Morgan is a lawyer gone (R)ogue. After law school, she practiced law and found it quite challenging/enjoyable but she had this nagging desire to branch off and do something more. She didn’t see herself in the fashion world per se but did see a problem that needed fixing and decided to fix it. As a “curvy” woman, Toby loves wearing bodysuits. They provide a very flattering silhouette under clothing without the bulk. Having a bodysuit on meant you just looked together without having to constantly readjust your shirt throughout the day. However, the awful claps, buttons, snaps whatever you want to call them…were the problem.

Toby wondered: “Why are the buttons so small? Why are they between our legs?Why can’t we see them?” She also wondered why they didn’t have high-quality affordable bodysuits for the winter with, say, cashmere or merino wool, the time of year when many women want to have a more contoured and a less bulky silhouette. She looked into it and realized there wasn’t much (actually nothing) out there and decided maybe she wasn’t alone. Maybe other women were tired of the buttons and snaps and the limited selection too. Thus, LUSCA was born.

BOLDBoss Question (5): We can see that brand inclusivity plays an important role in your branding/marketing. What do you think makes a brand inclusive and what do you feel is important in today's climate?

TM: It is so important to our brand. We want LUSCA to be for ALL WOMEN, not some women, ALL women. And to do so meant we had to make a conscious effort to reflect femininity in all aspects.

Having diversity in race and size was very important to us when selecting models. We wanted to have age inclusivity as well and it was definitely distressing when we were not able to find a model over 50 to shoot for the website’s launch.

One of the models we love has a tattoo across her lower abdomen. Pre-launch, some women commented about the tattoo “Does that really look okay? Shouldn’t you edit it out? Does that reflect the brand?” Now, those same women call and say you know you were so right to include the tattoo, we should be representing all kinds of bodies.

We agree :) Unfortunately, as a self-funded brand, we also couldn’t offer more than 5 sizes (and even that was a financial stretch) we do hope to include additional sizes that are both smaller and larger in the future. We would also like to include more trans models and models with disabilities.

BOLDBoss Question (6): Can you tell us about your partnership with Female Genital Mutilation? What inspired this?

TM: Before Toby founded LUSCA she knew that her brand would commit to service, philanthropy, and/or financial contributions that would have an impact on women globally. The issue of FGM always resonated with her and seemed like a perfect partnership for a brand that is centered around the prioritization of female anatomy.

BOLDBoss Question (7): Is there anything else you would like our readers to know, any upcoming collaborations or inventory?

TM: OMG. So much! We have a completely new clasp that’s in product development now that will blow your mind and will be an improvement for the adaptive clothing market in general (women with disabilities stand up!). We also have other types of clothing in development now, we are working on shapewear (compression panties and compression shorts), a romper, and a catsuit. We are so excited for what's to come and really can’t wait for more women to try our products. LUSCA is a game-changer.


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