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Q&A: Nina Ellis-Hervey, PhD, LSSP, NCSP!

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

An Exclusive Interview Getting to know the famous YouTube Vlogger

by Lisa K. Stephenson

When we think of diligent and accomplished African American women we tip our hats to the beautiful, Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey. From humanitarian to vlogger and the Assistant Professor and Director of the School Psychology Assessment Center, Human Services Department at Stephen F. Austin State University, Dr. Ellis-Hervey was kind enough to spare our team here at She’s SINGLE Magazine a few moments of her precious time. Not only can you find Dr. Ellis-Hervey reviewing hair products on her prominent YouTube channel: BeautifulBrwnbabyDol, but she is no stranger to spearheading presentations where she discusses the psychology of hair and self-perception. Our ten for ten with Dr. Ellis-Hervey will leave you feeling empowered, ambitious and completely inspired.

BOLDBoss Question (1): Since our magazine is called She’s SINGLE and you are absolutely gorgeous and highly accomplished, tell us, are you single?

NEH: By the definition, I am not yet married, however, I do have an amazing significant other who is “courting to promise” (ha). In a few words, “occupied and taken”.

BOLDBoss Question (2): What is your vision for yourself, your life, and your future?

NEH: The vision for my life is to continue to live in my purpose. While I identify first as a child of God, daughter (to an amazing adoptive mother), sister, Soror (Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc.), cousin, aunt, friend and confidant I have also been blessed to wear so many other professional hats. I secondly identify as a Licensed Clinical and School Psychologist, Associate and Tenured Professor, Clinic Director, researcher, educator, scientist, Certified Professional Life Coach, Podcaster (Now That’s Life with Dr. Nina) and Youtube Vlogger. I just so happen to be classically trained in piano, I’m blessed with the coldest 16 bars (yes I rap), sing, soon to be a Certified Personal Trainer, and am considered the girl next door that happens to know a lot about everything. While so many say I have done it all, I feel I am just getting started. For my future, I plan to continue to build an empire that empowers. Soon there will be the release of my “Mentorship Membership” to teach others ways to live their lives in order to get the best from it from research-based methods and life experience. This isn’t the gimmicky, self-help but an infusion of what I have learned in my years of practice, time working with clients, students and what I use effectively (with receipts) in my very own life. This is projected for release in the spring of 2020. Further, I see myself having a successful book, establishing a private practice, continuing to speak at universities, companies, and communities, possibly owning a skincare/holistic body care line and further becoming an ever so amazing wife and mother.

BOLDBoss Question (3): From your YouTube, you touched on some key information as it pertains to dieting and hair health, can you tell us a little bit about your weight loss and natural hair journey and how the two go hand in hand?

NEH: My weight loss journey seriously began in 2006. At that time, I committed myself to create a diet I could live by forever. I decided I wanted to learn to control negative eating habits. I learned to build a good relationship with food. I also learned to teach myself to workout, be proud of and take care of my body. I promised myself I would work out 5-6 days every week for at least 30 minutes and more times than not I shave done just that. This led to losing over 100+ pounds and keeping it off nearly 15 years. This led to my interest in understanding what I was putting on my body. I wanted to be completely healthy and eliminated the use of chemicals. This led me on a journey of chopping my hair off in 2007 and nurturing it to beautiful, big and bountiful hair. Overall it was a journey to loving me, flaws and all. I also learned that I could give myself the best and be the best that God gave me the strength to attain. Now I am much better for both journeys.

BOLDBoss Question (4): Do you have a passion for something that not a lot of people know about? If so, what is it?

NEH: I have a huge passion for music. Most people don't know, but I was classically trained in piano for 10 years. I love to sing and started out young in the church “Sunshine Band”. I also rap and have won many rap contests. Music is in my blood. My best of friends used to call me the “Human Radio” because I would hear a song just a few times and would literally know AND sing every word. Maybe annoying for them but fun for me! Just kidding, kinda (ha).

BOLDBoss Question (5): Is there is a company or fellow YouTuber you would love to collab with?

NEH: I have been blessed to collab with so many brands, but as far as YouTubers I love many like TheNaturalChic, Lovelyti, Chrissie and many others.  Brands, I love many skincare, hair care, and fitness brands, so it is so hard to choose! Maybe a collab on a TV segment with BET or OWN.

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