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Quarantined & Engaged!

COVID-19 Proposal Story by Kayla McCullough


COVID-19, the illness that continues to rampage not just the country, but the entire world. It is true, this pandemic has affected everyone. Many have contracted the disease and are awaiting treatment, many have passed away from complications, people have lost their jobs, businesses have shut down and the streets have become a ghost town for most cities. The spread of this virus has cost many people everything they had, and lives will forever be changed – both good and bad. With the ongoing craziness associated with the world-wide pandemic, some have taken that energy and have created a beautiful sentiment. Quarantined and engaged has become a hot topic for most love birds today. Even with the sadness linked to the illness, COVID-19 didn’t stop these couples from celebrating their love with fun, creative, and romantic proposals. Check out these celebrities who said ‘YES’ during the spread of this pandemic.

For most normal couples, proposals take months to plan. You must take the place, time, person, and sentiment into long consideration. After finally deciding that this is something you want, then you need to find the perfect ring for that perfect person. With all that said, the “normal” proposal takes about one and a half to two years to plan. But when the coronavirus started to spread globally, followed by stay-at-home guidelines and closures of restaurants and public spaces, plans to propose in exotic locales, fancy restaurants, or family ventures came to a screeching halt. With the unknowingness that has come with this pandemic, many couples have decided to pass on waiting and press on with plans.

Robert Ormsby and Patsy Murdoch

This endearing couple had originally planned a proposal on the outskirts of Iceland, but as soon as the pandemic hit the plans were canceled and engagement seemed like a far-off possibility. However, Robert didn’t want the restrictions to ruin his plans and proceeded to take his future wife to an Iceland supermarket and proposed to her in the middle of one of the checkout lanes. After sharing the happy news with their friends and family, the original post on Facebook went global and couples began adopting the thought of proposals across the country. Congratulations to this lovely couple.

Mark and Emily Wasmund

With plans to originally go to Tulum and Bacalar in Mexico, Mark surprised Emily with a family get-together and proposed there. With COVID-19 shutting down most public places, many have stayed inside and participated in family board games and puzzles. Knowing this, Mark made a special night full of puzzles that resembled the beach of where their initial plans were made and provided Emily the last piece of which held the ring. The celebration was broadcasted on zoom for the entire family to watch. The final surprise was a video from her favorite celebrity, Fiona the hippo, congratulating her on the upcoming wedding.

One thing that makes postponing or canceling wedding or proposal plans hard is having to rearrange the plans or contracts with vendors and having to cancel or postpone one of the happiest days of your life is a big deal. So instead of missing out on the sentiment all together, find creative ways to resolve the plans. These couples were two of many who have found a way to keep the excitement alive during self-quarantining and congratulations to them both.

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