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Raquel Leviss Breaks Silence, Possibly Affirming Departure from Vanderpump Rules

by Venus Sanders

In a revealing moment that has been long awaited, Raquel Leviss, formerly known as Rachel, has finally opened up about her personal journey on none other than Bethenny Frankel's podcast. The SURver, who has remained relatively silent amidst the tumultuous events, unveiled a facet of her experience during a stay at a mental health treatment center.

Image Credit: zerojack/Star Max / Contributor / Getty Images

With candor, Leviss shed light on her profound realization regarding her own struggles with "love addiction." This self-awareness, as she shared with Frankel on the ReWives podcast in an interview dated August 16, seemed to hint at her decision not to return for the upcoming season 11 of Vanderpump Rules, where her side of the story remains untold.

Leviss's motivations for stepping back from the limelight became clear as she voiced the overwhelming chaos and negativity that often accompanied her public presence. Seeking clarity, she embarked on a journey to a treatment facility. During this transformative process, Leviss grappled with the concept of love addiction, an intricate interplay where intensity is misconstrued as intimacy, leading to addictive behaviors in relationships. While this revelation illuminated her personal struggles, Leviss was quick to acknowledge that it did not absolve her of her actions.

As the dust settled in the aftermath of the revelations involving Scandoval, Leviss's voice remained largely absent from the cacophony of media outlets where her fellow cast members had taken to sharing their perspectives. Frankel, a former Real Housewife known for her candid approach and recent criticism of Bravo, offered a sympathetic platform for Leviss to break her silence. Leviss candidly highlighted the disparity between the network capitalizing on the scandal while she reaped no financial gains, stating that Bravo seemed content with letting her narrative remain untold.

Leviss's portrayal of the network's tactics unveiled a pressure-cooker scenario where the promise of her side of the story was dangled as bait, coupled with the insinuation that not sharing it could lead to a skewed representation.

The weight of this decision loomed large, painting a picture of the fear and unease many individuals in such situations might encounter. Although tempted to return to Vanderpump Rules due to these coercive tactics, Leviss ultimately chose a different path, indicating that the daunting prospect of relinquishing control over her own story was not enough to draw her back.

With an upcoming episode aptly titled "Reality Reckoning: Raquel Leviss (Part One)," it is evident that Leviss still has more to express. As her narrative unfolds, guided by the empathetic approach of Frankel, a reality TV ally who empathizes with the challenges of navigating the spotlight, Leviss's decision to find her voice outside the confines of Vanderpump Rules showcases a new facet of her journey.

The platform provided by Frankel's podcast represents a marked departure from the typical media frenzy, offering Leviss the opportunity to share her experiences authentically and on her own terms. In choosing her own narrative over one dictated by external pressures, Leviss exhibits courage and a desire for genuine self-expression.


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