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Relationship Between Stress & Creativity: Practicing Mindfulness

Guest Post by Harry Jack


Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels


Some people have misconceptions about mindfulness. Believing your mind to be filled with brooded thoughts in this fast-paced life where we have plenty of things to worry about and less time to devote to entertaining ourselves and staying happy. We are too busy with our mobile phones that distract our minds the most. Whether the person has texted back or not, am I getting a phone call, or how many comments or likes have I gotten on my Facebook or Twitter posts? These things are an inward competition which makes our minds fill with a variety of internet actions. It is seen that the case of depression in the modern era is increasing day by day, and one must be cautious about reducing the stress at the right time before it is too late.

Stress is the enemy of the creative mind. A person who is stressed cannot think like a creative-minded person. He might not get creative and innovative ideas in a stressful state. We need to exercise our brains to fight in emergency and problematic situations. Stress releases hormones in our body organs. These hormones prepare you for defense mechanisms. If there is an excessive release of stress hormones, you might develop the attitude of losers and have the feeling of attainment even during your defeat. You must have noticed that some people often use articles to reduce stress. Some decrease the tension using a rubber band on their wrist.

Mindfulness is a technique of cutting down all your external distractions from your senses and focusing on the present. Sometimes, our minds are stuck on past experiences or future events that we do not live in the present moment. We feel that we are not in our physical body during this state and have an intense emotional attachment to something in the time frame. This attachment needs to be broken for awakening you from your dream state to real life.

Need for Mindfulness in the Present:

Awakens our mind: Keeping our minds busy all day can cause several psychological diseases. It can also affect your health where you will feel unhappy even after achieving difficult things in life. This happens because we are not living the current moment and are lost in our world. We need a quick awakening from this deep slumber.

Help us know real power: Many of us are often disheartened when we experience problematic situations. At this point, we are unable to view the situation with a creative mindset. The realization of true potential is the necessity at that particular moment. Mindfulness state enables quick self-power realization which can help you to overcome any situation.

Makes you positive thinker: If you have negative thoughts, you attract negative situations and circumstances. On the other hand, if you have positive thoughts and emotions, then your aura changes with positive vibes and attracts positive situations and circumstances. This comprehends the law of attraction, which is the most powerful revelation in the current time.

Broadens your narrow mind: Sometimes, we are too narrow-minded in our relationships. This creates several problems and often leads to separation and divorce. In such circumstances, mindfulness can revive your love life and regenerate the feeling of love within your heart.

Improves concentration: Concentration is of prime importance when we are working or studying for examinations. The easiest way to focus on the current task involves several tricks that can easily be understood by mindfulness techniques. On the following simple things, we can improve concentration in any task.

Enhances efficiency: You might have seen some persons work day and night to complete the task; however, some finish their tasks quickly. It means that they are more efficient that the hardworking persons. If you want to be a smart worker and not a hard worker, you need to practice mindfulness techniques.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training:

There are many techniques to achieve the state of mindfulness, where we start living the current moment of life. These processes are easy to perform and can cut down any distractions from external sources.

One moment relaxation: This technique allows you to relax your mind instantly. This technique is straightforward and can be performed wherever you want. It does not require you to be in a particular place like a temple or yoga center. It would be best if you visualize things that make you feel happy. It could be anything like bright and colorful flowers, the laugh of babies, etc. You can reduce the stress of mind using a one-moment relaxation technique.

Use stress buster articles: You will find plenty of things on the net that can effectively reduce your mind's stress. These articles include fidget spinners, stress balls, and jelly beans. They help a lot in reducing anxiety to a great extent.

Meditation or yoga: This is the most effective way of balancing the energies around your body and bringing positivity. Yoga needs practice and can be done effectively under guidance. You might need a yoga instructor to perform different yogic postures.

Breathing techniques: One of the most effective ways to increase the concentration and reduce the distraction from external environments is breathing techniques. This technique involves focusing on every single breath we take. It helps us to disconnect from any external distraction and increases our focus and concentration.

Eat juicy chewing gums: Some chewing gums have juice in the middle, which provides smoothness in a tongue, which affects our impulse immediately in brains. You can relax your mind by merely chewing good bubble gum using this technique.

Acupressure: This technique needs several acupressure machines that can effectively reduce stress on any part of the body. The human body has several pressure points that affect a specific part of the brain. Using these pressure points, you can boost up your memory and relax your stressful mind.

Take herbal or green tea: Herbal or green tea reduces the stress of a person to a great extent. They vitalize our body and remove toxic substances, which can cause several diseases. They help us to increase the immunity power as well. There are many varieties of herbal or green tea that are available on the market. You can choose any flavor you like and stay healthy by intake of organic or green tea.

Mindfulness is an art that can be effective tools in reducing worry and stress in modern times. If you need any assistance, we can consult a psychological expert who can give you valuable advice.


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