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Say Bye to the Dress..."Summer House" Star Lindsay Hubbard Sells Wedding Gowns for Charity

by Samara Morris

Image Credit: Kleinfeld Bridal/

Lindsay Hubbard, the vibrant star of "Summer House," is auctioning off her wedding gowns on Kleinfeld Bridal’s new resale platform,, with all proceeds directed to charity. This partnership between Hubbard and Kleinfeld Bridal will support The Chick Mission, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing fertility challenges for cancer patients. Notably, Kleinfeld Bridal has committed to matching the proceeds from the gown sales to further benefit The Chick Mission.

"Lindsay is a dynamic and inspiring television personality. We collaborated with her on a custom Pnina Tornai gown for her wedding and saw this partnership as a perfect continuation of our relationship. By listing her gowns on, Lindsay can move forward into a new chapter while aiding women through The Chick Mission," stated Ronnie Rothstein, CEO of Kleinfeld Bridal.

Kleinfeld Bridal is leveraging its reputation as a trusted bridal retailer to introduce a digital consignment marketplace for brides globally. This new platform caters to the increasing demand for designer gowns at accessible prices, contributing to the circular economy and offering a solution for brides needing wedding dresses on shorter timelines. Kleinfeld Bridal connects brides looking for resale options with those wishing to sell their dresses post-wedding.

Lindsay Hubbard expressed, "I purchased my wedding dresses out of love, and they should still be given the opportunity to help someone celebrate their milestone of love. These gowns are stunning and deserve a second life with someone special."

Hubbard has been involved with The Chick Mission for several years and is thrilled that the proceeds from her wedding dresses will support this meaningful cause. She added, "Turning an unfortunate situation into something positive is heartwarming and feels like a true victory."

Lindsay's gowns will be available for purchase starting June 20, 2024. The platform already offers hundreds of gowns for sale. For those interested in buying or selling a dress, more information can be found at This innovative, commission-free marketplace ensures every listing undergoes a thorough inspection by bridal experts to maintain high standards of authenticity and quality.

About Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard, a beloved personality from Bravo's "Summer House," has captivated audiences with her charm, wit, and fearless attitude. Beyond her reality TV success, Lindsay has a background as a fashion and hospitality publicist and has grown into a successful entrepreneur and media personality. Known for her transparency about her personal life, including her fertility journey, Lindsay became an ambassador for The Chick Mission in 2023, advocating for cancer patients facing fertility challenges.

As she enters a new chapter of her life, Lindsay is embracing new beginnings, including becoming a homeowner in Nashville. Her journey continues to inspire many, showcasing her determination to live life to the fullest.

For more information on Lindsay's gowns and to explore Kleinfeld's resale marketplace, visit


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