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Should I Go to Cosmetology School: Is It Right for You?

by Joanne Elliot, Sponsored Posts

The beauty industry is a sector that is always growing. People are looking to enhance their appearance and need knowledgeable professionals to rely on. Likewise, numerous individuals are willing to learn this popular trade. Many experts usually get into the industry on pure passion. Others do it because of the potential to make money. Whatever motivates you, there are two main ways you can become a beauty specialist.

You require minimum training and education to become successful. You can start learning the trade immediately after high school. Alternatively, you may go to college to increase your opportunity of getting decent employment. If you want to become a beauty expert, this article will help you choose whether you should go to college or a beauty school.


The first thing you should do before making a decision is to know your future objectives. The goals you set out for yourself should determine what path you choose. If you are not keen on learning in an academic setting, going to a beauty school may be best. If you want to earn a degree and do not mind academic activities, you may want to go to college. Should you decide to take an academic route, be prepared to complete various assignments that will take a lot of your time. To allocate some time for practice, you can the best essay help when you are swamped with papers. This way, you will get the best of both worlds.

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The type of institution you decide to attend has its unique specifications. If you choose to attend a college, you must fulfill the following requirements.

  • Possess a high school certificate.

  • Complete an application form.

  • Have good SAT scores.

  • Obtain reliable recommendations.

You will need to fill out an application form and possess a high school certificate to enroll in a beauty school. However, you do not need the other requirements to be admitted into such a school.


Each institute offers students a different training approach. In particular, beauty schools usually focus on fashion trends. Therefore, if you prefer to become a manicurist, you should prioritize beauty school over college to get some crucial practical experience.

If you are interested in academia, you should consider enrolling in a degree program. You will be exposed to cosmetology and the medical concepts of skincare and related fields. Likewise, you must be willing to go through academic rigor to graduate from a university.


Attending college means you are giving up a lot of your time. You are sacrificing several years if you enroll in a full-time beauty program. Therefore, you must be sure you can commit to the university's demands. If you do not want to spend 3-4 years in college, you can opt for a beauty school. A typical program only consumes a maximum of 2 years. In addition, you spend just a few hours a week learning. As a result, you get to have the flexibility to do other things while studying.


Without a doubt, attending a university is expensive. You will end up spending thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to pass through college. Or, you will have to take out a large amount of student debt before you graduate. This investment is not something everybody is willing to do. If you cannot afford the cost of going through college, you may want to enroll in a beauty school instead, as you will spend far less money in such an institution than in a conventional college.


Becoming a beauty expert can be done through college or beauty school. Therefore, you will want to carefully examine the factors and requirements associated with each option before making a decision on which to pursue. Take your time, weigh all the facts, and you will surely make the right decision.

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As a student life expert, Joanne Elliot writes a variety of articles. She has been an author and a guest essayist for several years. Apart from writing, Joanne is an excellent public speaker.


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