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Single Living: How to Live On Your Own

by Harley Miller

“Be alone if you want to stay young.” – Aquarium

Did you know that the percentage of American adults who live alone has increased from 14% to around 30% since 2020? Why is that? Studies suggest that women in the workforce are a key reason for the increase in one-person households. “Women in the past were more tethered to a husband for economic life support. Now more women have their own jobs.” While women still earn 16% less than men on average, they are considered the most fiscally responsible. Most men are more likely to spend their earnings on OnlyFans models, dates, dating app subscriptions, grooming, clothing, and other investments to earn more money.

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Women, on the other hand, are more likely to splurge on traveling, home décor, retail therapy, and physical enhancements. Since the pandemic, many men have admitted to increasing their OnlyFans usage, with one user writing, “Being home alone gives you the temptation to find pleasure with just a click of a button. My spending on OnlyFans started at $10-$20 per month and easily became $200 a day, or an average of $50-$100 with all the PPVs I bought. I am talking about beautiful women that you’ll never find on free porn sites.”


It may come as no surprise that the cost of living alone can fluctuate. If you’re a homeowner, then it’s safe to say that every month can differ in terms of expenses. You may have a pipe burst, sewer cleaning fees, chimney issues—the list goes on. In contrast, when renting, your landlord may one day decide to increase your rent due to personal reasons (this is a real scenario, by the way).

While living alone can be peaceful and keep you young, the expenses and struggles that come with it can be problematic and age you anyway. So, which would you prefer—alone with bills or married with bills? The best way to live on your own is to practice gratitude and mindfulness.

For women, it's a bit easier than it is for men because most men are logical, which means they believe it is smarter to share a home with someone than to live alone. They understand that time is money, and if the time they spend cooking dinner, cleaning, and maintaining their home could be spent earning extra income, then that’s what they’re going to do. Women, on the other hand, due to our emotional nature, do not view companionship as transactional; we see it as love.

If we are to cohabitate with a mate, it’s not because he can foot all the bills, it’s because we see them as a valuable addition to our lives. Single men who live alone will spend money on dating apps and OnlyFans to satiate their physical desires, which then boils over into their relationships. Women, however, do not engage in activities alone to satiate a desire; if we do it, it’s because we enjoy it. Therefore, if we can no longer do it, it will not affect our livelihood and mental health or boil over into our relationships.


The term "hobosexual" has grown increasingly popular over the past few years now that most women are known to live alone versus our male counterparts. Men will endure just about anything if it means they can have a roof over their heads and their basic needs are met—food and sex. It is not uncommon for a man you’ve only recently met to ask to move in with you or begin to question you about your finances since they want to know how well they’ll fit in. Some men will move in with a woman and not contribute anything to the household, and the woman is perfectly okay with this. It’s become quite common because the average man cannot afford to live alone or buy a home alone—they almost always need a female companion to assist with these milestones.

But again, you may ask why, when women earn 16% less than men? The answer is simply supply and demand. A man can spend $200 a day on OnlyFans, but it’s a woman supplying the content. The demand for her content means a larger output for the supply. More women are joining websites like OnlyFans, and more men are investing in them. That money can then be used to purchase a home—or several. Meanwhile, the man who is spending his money is renting and looking for a wife or girlfriend to help him qualify for a home.

We can also take into account that the average man will not invest in a woman if it means stepping out of his comfort zone. Men have become so reliant on apps and pornography that there is minimal effort being placed on relationships and the courting process unless they want to achieve a milestone in their career. No man will court you better than a man who needs a place to live or a bed to sleep in. One user shared her dating story: "I went on a date with this guy—we met on Hinge. He picked me up, and everything was going well. That is, until we heard a tow truck outside," she said.

"My date got up really fast to check on his car—I had no idea why he would do that or even suspect the tow truck had anything to do with him. But he did, and lo and behold, it was his car being towed out of the restaurant's parking lot. He ran outside to ask them not to embarrass him because he was on a date. But the tow truck worker did not care and told him that he was several months behind on his car note. With that, my date then turned to me and asked me if I could lend him $300 to put toward his car note and get his car back. Of course, I refused, and he proceeded to call me broke and told me to go and pay the tab in the restaurant."


The best way to live alone is to acknowledge that you are alone and to be comfortable in your own space and company. That is where your power lies—confidence in self and space. Men may earn more, but they are more susceptible to lifestyle creep and indulging in activities that will burn a hole in their wallet if they lack willpower. Thinking about your loneliness will lead you to accept any and all invitations that come your way—whether low vibrational or not. In cases like this, you’re likely to experience men who are hobosexuals and then be upset with those men. Sure, they have some internal work to do, but so do you if those red flags are going ignored.

The best way to live on your own is to find a space that complements your personality and habits, then build on that. Don’t expect to furnish your new space right away, and don’t be afraid to wait for a good sale to grab some home décor and special items for your home. You are not competing with anyone but the person you were yesterday. So, focus on that, and don’t be afraid to walk away from anything that is not serving your higher purpose. Also, don’t be afraid to relocate. It’s not impossible to buy a one-way ticket and travel with as much as $2,500 and lay new roots. Keep yourself unattached so the possibilities in your life can be endless.


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