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Sukihana's 2020 Takeover

An exclusive interview by Lorraine Jones

Photo by Trenton Barboza

Destiny Henderson, better known as “Sukihana,” established herself as an artist by creating a league of her own after her nonstop success in 2020. She looks up to rappers like Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, and Lil Wayne, but now Sukihana has become a role model herself. The Atlanta rapper has proven herself and earned respect as an MC by never quitting her dream.

By forcing people to listen to her and never getting discouraged when one door closes, Sukihana inspired many women to follow in her footsteps. With her signature Bantu knots and face tatts, this star has become a household brand and a trendsetter in the industry.

After the air of the VH1 franchise, Love and Hip-Hop: Miami in December of 2019, Sukihana was on everyone’s radar, captivating audiences with her bold style and vivacious attitude. Although nervous at first, she felt like being in front of the cameras was exactly where she was meant to be. Sukihana’s authentic personality made her a fan favorite on the show. Suki says her style comes from the hood, making her persona and motivational sound so relatable to fans. Along with its shock value, her music uplifts women and makes her audience feel good about themselves.

Female rappers are continuing to dominate the music industry, establishing respect for their craft but also creating a mutual bond amongst them. Sukihana empowers other strong women through her music and numerous collaborations having shot a cameo for her friend Summer Walker’s music video “White Tee” last summer. “Growing up in my childhood, I was taught that sisterhood is just something that is a part of my life, just like home training, that was something I was taught. It's never awkward or weird for me to collab or work with another woman, that is not a bad thing,” said the Atlanta rapper.

Starring alongside some of the most influential women in media, Sukihana made an appearance in the iconic “WAP” music video by Cardi B and Meagan Thee Stallion that debuted in August of 2020. Sukihana says that the on-set atmosphere was very welcoming. It was refreshing for her to be around dedicated women like herself.

“It just seemed like we were all people who wanted to be something, people who were working hard, and I like that type of environment. I don’t want to the be only one working, you know, I don't want to be the only one in my circle that’s trying to be something. It just felt really good to be around other women who are working as hard as me.”

Fresh off the release of “WAP,” Sukihana premiered her album Wolf Pussy in September of 2020, making her name known in the rap industry. The debut of this album serves as the proudest moment in her career because it showcased Suki as an artist. After hearing this album, there is no question of her talent or dedication to the art. According to Suki, she is happy her fans got to know the type of person she is through her craft.

Sukihana graces everyone's timeline with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Her transparency on her page has allowed her to grow such a loyal following—myself included. Suki is a hands-on artist, always very active in her comment section on her YouTube and Instagram—any backlash she faces in the media she simply laughs off, never losing focus.

With so much love from her fans, there are always people who are bound to hate, but Sukihana doesn’t let negative comments inconvenience her. She simply giggles at the lengths people go to spread hate on social media. “I know how to laugh at myself so it's entertaining to me, I don’t walk around with a cloud over my head. I know how to take a joke; I know how to laugh. I focus on my happiness, not the negativity.”

Her immense success is motivated by her children and the vision of the life she wants to live. “I think Black women should normalize living how they want to live. If you want to live in luxury, then do it. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t drive a Ferrari or you can’t live in a penthouse. Don’t let anybody get in your head. It’s normal to work for the things you want. You can become anything you want to be, live how you want to live!” said Sukihana. Her family and her relationship with her fiancé Kill Bill continue to give Sukihana strength and motivate her ambitions.

Sukihana is a fun and loveable girl at heart and despite her busy schedule, she always manages to find time for those she loves. Sukihana says it’s never hard to find time for her relationship because she prioritizes what’s important. Sukihana and Kill Bill are both working hard to make a name for themselves and grow their brand. Fans can look forward to more collaborations and music videos from Suki in the future as she continues to expand her empire.

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