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Summer Home Décor Ideas

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Summer is here, and it's the perfect time to give your home a stylish makeover.

If you're looking to give your home a fresh, new look, why not take inspiration from the most stylish continent on the planet, Europe?

From the sleek lines that take prominence in the Scandinavian design philosophy to the rustic charm of French country style, there are many European design styles to choose from. Almost every region of Europe has its own trademark style that has been developed over the centuries. Here are the top Euro styles to take inspiration from and to inspire your next home makeover!


French country style is all about rustic charm, warm colors, and natural materials, taking inspiration from the grand Chateaus that is synonymous with the beautiful French countryside. Some core features of the French Country design philosophy would be exposed wooden beams, gently worn stone floors, and cozy textiles like linen and wool.

To add a touch of French Country style to your home, try adding some vintage furniture pieces, like a distressed farmhouse table or a handcrafted vintage armchair. For the soft furnishings in your home, you can utilize classic floral patterns, paired with earthy hues like mustard yellow and burnt orange can also help to replicate the warm and inviting atmosphere of a historic French farmhouse.


The Mediterranean region of Europe has had a unique and eye-catching décor style that has been implemented across the region for hundreds of years. The Mediterranean style is all about the sun, sea, and sand. Common features of the Mediterranean style include whitewashed walls, terracotta tiles, bold blue highlights, and breezy fabrics like cotton and linen.

To bring a touch of Mediterranean style into your home this year, try adding some bold colorful accent pieces like a bright blue rug or some mosaic tiles, and make sure to use natural materials like linen Roman blinds or wicker chairs to also help to create a laid-back vibe reminiscent of a beautiful Mediterranean beachfront.


British cottage style is a décor style that is having a renaissance at the moment, being vaulted back into the mainstream thanks to style trends like Cottagecore. British Cottage style is all about cozy charm, whimsical highlights, and traditional elegance. Think floral prints, soft colors like sage green and pale pink, and classic furniture pieces and soft furnishings with whimsical patterns.

To bring the feel of a cozy British Cottage into your home, you can add some cozy textiles like knit blankets and patchwork quilts to your home, creating a soft and safe atmosphere. Then you can also bring in vintage accessories like porcelain tea sets and antique books can also help to create a charming and inviting vibe that is sure to inspire a sense of home.


Scandinavian design, much like the people of Scandinavia is all about simplicity, and functionality, which is why the Scandinavian décor style is sometimes called Scandinavian Minimalism. Scandi design can be recognized by its use of neutral colors like white and grey, natural materials like wood and leather, and sleek modern furniture pieces that become the center of attention.

To recreate this style in your own home, you should first clear away any clutter and embrace minimalism before adding some minimalist accessories like a black and white print or a simple wooden bench. Then use textured accents like sheepskin rugs, wooden wall panels, or woven baskets to add a touch of warmth to a space.


In Italy style is all about opulence, elegance, and indulgence. While this is commonly associated with Italian fashion, it also holds in the world of Italian décor, with big Italian brands like Gucci and Versace leading the way, incorporating plush fabrics like velvet and silk, ornate details like carved wood with gold accents, and rich, jewel-toned colors like emerald green and sapphire blue.

If you want to bring a luxurious Italian feel into your home, you should start by adding some luxurious accessories like a gold-tone skirting board, velvet throw pillows, or a crystal chandelier. To take the feel of luxury even further you can hang grand art pieces like a Renaissance-inspired painting, or a framed vintage map can also help to create a sense of grandeur and scale in your living areas.


The bohemian style dates back to 19th-century Europe and is all about free-spirited creativity, individuality, and an eclectic mix of patterns and textures, taking a lot of inspiration from Romani travelers. Bohemian décor style features lots of bold prints like paisley and floral, rich jewel tones like deep purple and burgundy, and natural materials like rattan and jute.

To curate a more Bohemian style in your home’s décor, try using some boho-inspired accessories like a macrame wall hanging or a colorful area rug. You should also look to use vintage décor pieces around your home like tapestries or antique mirrors to add to the eclectic vibe, which is so common with the Bohemian look.


The industrial revolution kicked off in Europe, meaning that Europe led the way with aesthetics around all things industrial, because of this European industrial style is a hot décor style that has been replicated around the globe. European industrial style is all about combining raw, industrial materials like metal and concrete with sleek, modern design elements. A few hallmarks of this style include exposed pipes, brick walls, and sleek, minimalist furniture pieces.

To turn your home into a stylish Industrial space, why not try adding some industrial accents like a metal pendant light or a concrete coffee table to the living space in your home and use textured accessories like a woven throw blanket or a shag rug can also help to soften the overall look and take some of the edge off.


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