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Taraji P. Henson Launches Hair-care Products

Getty Images/Craig Barritt

Beloved Hollywood leading lady Taraji P. Henson has put out a line of hair and scalp products; cheekily named, “TPH” after the actress herself. The line features various conditioners, shampoos and scrubs. The products range in price, with approximately ten dollars being the lowest and fifteen being the highest. This is by design. In her mission statement found at the top of the TPH website, Henson describes the products as “Affordably luxe, innovative and inspiring...” with her targeted audience being, “Multi textured hair chameleons all over the world.”

The sleek bottles and containers come in hot, bright red, yellow and navy blue. Their names consist of cutesy, memorable titles such as “Tough Cookie” and “Never Salty” among the many available to choose from.

Henson is widely known for her roles throughout her massively successful career for titular, formative roles such as Cookie Lyon in the influential, award winning series “Empire” and Katherine Johnson in the critically acclaimed 2016 film “Hidden Figures.” Her talent has won her thirty awards, one of them being a Critics’ Choice Award for best actress in a drama — for which she created history by being the very first African American woman to do so.

Known, also, for her equally large presence in the world of social activism, this line of products is not at all the first time Henson has delved into the world of creating beauty products with the intention of helping others who do not have a similar platform. In 2017, Henson dropped a line of cosmetics — including playfully colorful lipsticks and lip gloss — that donated all of its earnings to those living with and affected by AIDS, a cause Henson has proudly supported and brought awareness to throughout the last few years.

This time around, the hair product line seems to be geared towards all types of hair styles for all kinds of women who might have had trouble with finding products that not only helped with maintaining the overall health of their hair but that also did not break their bank. Additionally, the products, even the bottles themselves, are kind to the environment. The products are cruelty and gluten free, and the bottles are recyclable which are not typically the measures taken by beauty product lines.

Henson is looking to provide for a market that has otherwise been neglected or that has led to many women being manipulated into buying products that claim they will help when they do the reverse for more than they are worth. For example, the go-to curl brand DevaCurl, a product aimed at nourishing and accentuating curls, was recently under fire when claims stating women’s hair was falling out and getting damaged beyond repair broke out. And for typical prices rising up to a staggering $50, the risk seemed to far outweigh the reward.

So, where can you get TPH?

As of the last few days, TPH has been made available across most of the country’s Targets. Although the product has not been made international as of yet, there are plans to do just that. Alternatively, you can find the product on the TPH website.


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