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Technology for Millennials

by The Editors

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

What is a millennial? Millennials are a generation born between 1980 and 2000. This generation is the first to grow up with the internet, mobile phones, and cable TV. Thus, many millennials have developed a knack for technology. The millennial persona requires technology-focused businesses to evolve their processes to maximize and benefit from this generation – whether that is in the workplace, or just for fun!

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Millennials can improve your business, but first, you must understand that the millennial’s collective world of experiences, organizations, and more can support managers overall if you have what it takes to retain their focus. More millennials today are taking the entrepreneurial approach and are always looking for motivation from skincare to fitness. Below are a few technology items we believe millennials are sure to benefit from in 2020 and beyond!

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Valera Screens helps you put your best self forward with its innovative line of green screen products. Valera is the only company focused exclusively on green screen technology for the new generation of content creators and broadcasters. The Valera Screens Creator 95 is one of the largest collapsible green screen on the market.

Featuring Valera ChromaBoost wrinkle resistant fabric for enhanced performance in low light, it's the perfect choice for streamers who want flawless chroma key visual effects. The Valera Screens Explorer series is the world's only tripod mounted green screen, allowing for landscape or portrait chroma key visual effects. Visit to learn more! Retail: $119.00 - $169.00



Pavlok's Shock Clock 2 helps you get to bed, wake up on time, and be productive -- without failure. Most alarms just remind you to wake up. The Shocking alarm clock actually trains you to wake up.

Your brain LEARNS when it's really time to wake up. You KNOW a zap is coming. So you wake up – alert and ready to turn it off. What would you do with an extra hour a day? Read, make a healthy breakfast, meditate, journal, exercise?

Shock Clock 2 comes jam-packed with a ton of features to help you wake up fresh and start your day right. Retail: $149.99


The world’s highest-rated travel-organizing app, provides all your travel information at your fingertips, anytime you need it (even offline). Here’s why its premium service TripIt Pro is a great gift for even the most seasoned road warrior:

  • Traveling to an unfamiliar destination. TripIt’s Neighborhood Safety Scores show separate day and night safety ratings for the neighborhoods you’re visiting. It also includes a Health and Medical score that factors in COVID-19 data and allows travelers to set a personal risk level and receive a warning when a location goes above that threshold.

  • Maps and directions. TripIt automatically surfaces maps (Google Maps) and directions in your itinerary for any and all reservations. This includes best possible routes with calculated travel times and traffic updates.

  • Check out Nearby Places. Whether you are looking for a restaurant, bar, cafe, convenience store, parking or ATM, TripIt finds places close to where you’re staying. Travelers can also search for nearby hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies close to where they’re staying should they need medical help.

  • Receive real-time alerts. TripIt Pro sends travelers real-time updates on flight status, alternate flight options, when to leave for the airport, and how long it will take to get through security. It also provides directions for flight connections and baggage claim locations.

  • Upload documents, like boarding pass and passport QR code screenshots, rail tickets, PDFs, and travel insurance documents. With TripIt Pro, travelers can upload up to 25 documents.

  • Share your trip. Keep track of distances traveled and share your itineraries with family and friends. Retail: $49/yr


The VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite product includes two software download cards that include the Product Key license and download links for each software - one for Windows, one for Mac.

The Video Conversion and Audio Conversion products enable you to transfer your old VHS, VHS-C, Beta and other analog format Video, as well as cassette and Phonograph records, to DVD and digital formats – thus saving space, organizing your collections and most importantly – Saving Your Precious Memories, and enabling you to share them! Have your old football tapes, TV recorded games, or other old memories deteriorating, convert them now. Retail: $69.99 (PC) & $79.99 (Mac).


As a more stable option than cash, with a UNest account, friends and family can contribute any amount they like to the account knowing that it will be used for the child’s future, whether that’s education, a house, car, wedding, etc. Other ideas include experiences (like a trip to the zoo), a library card, their first pet, etc. Retail: Regular $3/month & Family $6/month



SelfSafe is a stylish, sporty USB emergency identification bracelet designed to protect you and your family, wherever you are: at home, on the road, or abroad. SelfSafe’s 8GB drive holds all your important information: medical, financial, insurance, and more. Simple drag-and-drop features make adding and updating information easy. Everything you enter into SelfSafe is secure because it’s encrypted, and password protected. It’s not in the cloud. You don’t need an Internet connection. And even if you lose it, no one can access your information. SelfSafe is PC-compatible. Retail: $29.95


A brand committed to supporting women by arming them with confidence, Flare’s line of beautiful and stylish assault survivor-designed jewelry offers a solution for anyone who may find themselves in an unsafe situation.

Flare is a product that understands how easily dangerous situations can escalate and aims to give power back to its wearer with safe and discreet control. A hidden button on the jewelry connected to your phone through an iOS app provides three options for you to discreetly take action and control the outcome.

Retail: $129.00



ROYBI comes packed with interactive lessons in Language Science Technology Math & more. Programs are certified by experts for high quality education & proven methods to improve learning efficiency. Best companion for learning at home while limiting screen time. ROYBI provides 1 on 1 private remote tutoring. Perfect for children who are remote learning or homeschooling. Retail: $179.99



FOCI is a tiny wearable that you clip to the waist. It tracks your emotions through breathing patterns, to boost your focus. Retail: $79.99


Our Editors Pick of the Week!


Introducing your new best friend, the ultra-luxe sleek and sexy skincare fridge in a matte black marble design and gold logo finish. Forget about running to your fridge in the morning to get your eye gel. Now you can have it in the comfort of your bathroom, bedroom or vanity. The gorgeously designed Black Marble Cosmetics Fridge ticks all the boxes for the beauty fanatic by chilling your precious skincare products perfectly. Retail: $129.00


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