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The 8 Greatest 'Living Single' Episodes of All Time

by Venus Sanders

Living Single, a beloved sitcom, has numerous episodes that have left a lasting impact on viewers. While opinions may vary, here are some of the standout episodes that are often praised by fans:

"Living Kringle"

(Season 1, Episode 15)

Synclaire is saddened to see that none of her friends share her enthusiasm for Christmas. She tries her best to get everyone in the spirit of Christmas.

"Love Takes a Holiday"

(Season 1, Episode 13)

Khadijah and Synclaire ask their recently jolted co-worker to join them for a girls night out. Kyle falls for her but the feeling isn't entirely mutual.

"The Shake Up"

(Season 2, Episode 27)

Regine moves out and Khadijah must interview prospective tenants. The stress of the tension between her roommates causes Synclaire to begin chain smoking. Kyle saves Max from an armed robber.

"Kiss of the Spider Man"

(Season 3, Episode 24)

Maxine must find a way to defend a man that all signs point to him being guilty. Khadijah's beau asks her to help his sister through her breakup.

"Living Single...with Children"

(Season 1, Episode 8)

Regine begins dating a man with a child. She believes it will be easy to take care of her but is in for a surprise. Kyle becomes a member of a big brother program and realizes it's not as easy as he thought either.

"Five Card Stud"

(Season 1, Episode 23)

Kyle has to choose between a promotion and his friend when he hears his boss lie about his date with Regine.

"The Hand That Robs the Cradle"

(Season 1, Episode 17)

All of her friends begin making fun of Maxine when she begins seeing a younger man. Regine offers to help Khadijah throw a work party but feels stifled by Khadijah's budget.

"Love Thy Neighbor"

(Season 1, Episode 18)

Khadijah and Regine has not gotten any sleep because the upstairs couple have sex constantly. Kyle convinces a reluctant Overton to go on a double date with his old flame and her cousin. Synclaire gets jealous of Overton and Summer and sends her tape deck to Mr. Fix-It.

"There's Got to Be a Morning After"

(Season 2, Episode 1)

Maxine and Kyle deal with what what's to come after their night together. Scooter tries to get a job at a records company so he can be closer to Khadijah.

These episodes showcase the comedic brilliance and relatable experiences of the characters in Living Single. Each episode brings a unique blend of humor, friendship, and life lessons that have resonated with audiences throughout the years.


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