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The BOLDBassadors Network

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

by Sharon Sharpe

Hello BOLDBassadors

Details are here!!!

She’s SINGLE Magazine is always seeking new brand ambassadors! Women AND men between the ages of 18-40 worldwide! We are looking for brand ambassadors who love our brand as much as we do and are willing to promote us and help us grow.


· You will be a She’s SINGLE Magazine Brand Ambassador whom we call, BOLDBassadors

· You will be the face of She’s SINGLE Magazine

· You will receive FREE personalized Brand Ambassador items, magazines and apparel

· You will be frequently posted on all of our social media accounts

· Featured in She’s SINGLE Magazine quarterly issues.

· Attend the annual BOLDBachelorette Playground Events at no cost to you! Dinners, theater productions and much more…

· Free to attend photoshoots, fittings, rehearsals etc.


· Simply follow She’s SINGLE Magazine on Pinterest and Instagram

· Share our posts

· Like and comment on our posts

· Use #singlemagusa hashtags

· Tag followers whom you might think would want to be featured in She’s SINGLE Magazine


· 15,000+ active subscribers in the year 2020

· 1-5 Social media posts weekly (we track engagement)

· YouTube videos and social posts promoting our digital copy for just $1.60 using the link below:

Who are the BOLDBassadors?

Men and woman who love fashion, yoga, entrepreneurs, TV/Radio personalities, authors, non-profit organization founders, singles, married men and women and much more. BOLDBassadors are a tight knit community who share the same values as it pertains to relationships, independence and self-love.

Good Engagement Rates:

To calculate an engagement rate on Instagram, follow the steps below:

  • Look at all of the influencers posts for the last 30 days and add up the total number of likes and comments on each post (e.g. if there are 17 posts in the last 30 days, add up the number of likes and comments on each of the 17 posts). 

  • Divide that number by the number of posts there are in the last 30 days (e.g. divide the total number of likes and comments from above, by the number of posts - 17 in this example). 

  • Now that you have the average engagements per post, divide that by the number of followers the influencer has. 

  • Finally, times the number above by 100, to turn the numbers into a percentage (the percentage will usually be between 0 and 10). This is the engagement rate of the influencer on Instagram. 

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