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The Casino Games Most Popular Amongst Females

by Jean A.

Casino gambling has simply exploded in popularity during the past two decades. It has gone from being an activity that had an enthusiastic but niche fan base to one that is very much a mainstream way of spending leisure time.

The catalyst for that change was the development of online casinos. The transition online in the Internet age has made 777 Casinos and similar sites feel welcoming and accessible to people who would never have visited a land-based casino.

As a result, it has opened up the possibility of enjoying casino gaming to different segments of the population. Perhaps the most notable beneficiaries of online casinos have been females.


Few could argue that casino gaming has traditionally been coded as male. Look at any of the films or television shows that depict casinos over the years and it is almost always male characters that are shown playing the card games or at the roulette wheel.

It is because casino games involve high levels of risk and that is stereotyped as a masculine trait rather than a feminine one. What the very noticeable rise in female casino players has proven is that this is not true.

Women are just as interested in the excitement and risk of playing at a casino, but they need to feel welcome and comfortable there. By eliminating the need to enter a male-dominated environment in the real world, online casino has provided just the opening that was required.

The top online providers have spotted a burgeoning female customer base and adapted their marketing materials. Whereas casinos used to be promoted with imagery that skewed male, today the promotions for online sites are much more gender-neutral and inclusive.


The freedom to enjoy casino games without having to fit into the heavily masculine world of the land-based casino is one of the big reasons why online casino attracts women. It is not the only one though.


Playing at an online casino can be done from home. That is appealing to women, as they have to be much more concerned about street safety at night. It also makes online play a more attractive prospect when the weather is bad.

Round-The-Clock Access

A land-based casino has restricted opening hours and they are often not suited to the busy lives of working women. By contrast, an online casino is available at all hours of the day and night.

Better Games Choice

Online casinos often have a better selection of actual games. That includes the latest slots with fun themes and hybrid games like the slots/bingo mash-up that is called Slingo.

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It is clear then that women are embracing casino gaming in the digital era. However, there is still something of a gender divide in the actual games that they are most likely to play.

One of the game types that have proven to be especially popular with females is the slots. A reason for that is almost certainly the fact that they are the fastest and simplest form of casino gaming; as research has found that women are more likely to be casual players than men.

The many different themes, lively colors, and graphics of slots also appeal to female players. We should be wary of reinforcing gender stereotyping though, as research has consistently shown slots to be the most popular casino games in general.

Another game that women have taken to enthusiastically is roulette. This has a more complex range of bets available than slots but does not involve the strategic play of card games that men like.

Of the two versions offered at online casinos – European and American – it is the former that has found the most favor among women. That is just good sense; European roulette has a lower house edge than the American version. What women appear to appreciate about the game beyond that is its relatively straightforward rules and high-stakes thrills.

Finally, games such as Slingo also appeal more to women than men, with the social element of them cited as the primary reason for that.


The answer to that question is almost certainly yes. The idea of casino gambling as a male activity is now old-fashioned and younger women have little patience with such stereotypes.

They are also the most tech-savvy generation of women yet, with studies finding that they like playing games on mobile devices. Casinos are leaning into that by developing mobile apps, so the number of women visiting these sites will surely continue to rise.

Women love casino gaming as much as men, although with a distinctly female twist to their play.


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