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The Kardashians 'Season 2': Oh Baby!

by Venus Sanders

The Kardashians Season 2 is in full swing and it looks like there may be some raised eyebrows as fans are calling into question the timeline and editing process. First, let me say I am not a fan of the new series and its documentary-style filming—it’s cringy. Also, since season 1 I’ve noticed that each episode is spent detailing the events of one sister for most of its runtime. How boring! On E! the episodes would lay out small parts of the day surrounding each sister and then scenes where they are all together in some cases. Not on Hulu.

You spend 60 minutes listening to the events unfold for one sister and her trauma. Last season it was Kim and her SNL skit, bar exam and of course, the sex tape! The tape which she and Ray J still generate income from by the way. But that was it, in a nutshell, the whole season, oh, and Kourtney’s engagement. If this was E! we would have gotten all of that in the first 3 episodes, not have to wait an entire season.

Now, we have Khloe’s storyline which I am sure they are going to shove down our throats for the first 4-5 episodes because, let’s face it, what else is there? I believe that Tristan has signed an iron-clad NDA. It’s almost odd and downright strategic that he says nothing in defense of himself when the episodes are airing, and he is being slandered by these women. Sure, he’s a dog—we can all agree. But between him and Kanye, they have much to say before the season airs, and then once the show starts, it’s crickets. Coincidence?

Let’s get into the editing…Khloe details her issues with Tristan and welcomed her second child via surrogate, all of which happened between November 2021 and July 2022. Khloe has been receiving tons of support by the way which we love to see!

But as I’ve previously mentioned, this new take on The Kardashian’s lives surrounds the storytelling of one sister for numerous episodes. Therefore, I ask, when will the other storylines be introduced and fleshed out as they used to be on E!? Moments shown in the trailer were Kourtney’s wedding, Kim’s Met Gala look, Kylie and Travis welcoming their son, and more. But nothing seems to have appeared on the show, yet. Will fans get to see it because those moments had long since passed after the birth of Khloe’s son?

But then we get this card that read, “The remainder of Season 2 was filmed 6-months before the previous episode.” So, sure, they’re giving you everything but decided it was best to start the season with the Khloe storyline to get the fans talking. THEN, we see Kris and Corey scrambling to get to the hospital because Kylie is in labor—but neither Stormi or Travis are there…reenactment anyone?

We then of course get some tidbit of Kourtney planning her wedding—okay guys, hear me out…Kourtney and Travis need their own show. I mean, it would be an amazing show. They have a blended family; they are both well-liked and Kourtney is very interesting to look at. How about we put an end to The Kardashians because the reality is, with no more Tristan, what will Khloe’s storyline be? With Pete and Kim broken up, who cares now? Kylie and Travis are cool, but he refuses to film and I think he’s still blackballed. And so, that leaves Kourtney, and make no mistake, people will tune in.

But no, we’re left to suffer in silence as the camera then turns its attention back to Khloe who is now being questioned about her weight because the sisters are “concerned”. I could have sworn the whole Kardashian brand is beauty and body. When did things change? Oh, that’s right it didn’t. This scene was laughable because all it did was set up the transition back to making Khloe and Tristan the center of yet another episode.

I don’t think the show is 100% terrible because I do intend to keep watching. I do however dislike their need to gloss over the relatable moments—such as Kylie struggling with her post-partum depression. These scenes can and should be longer and go more in-depth. But we’ll see what else is to come.


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