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The Official Elixir - Our Musicians are so Fly!

An Exclusive Interview by Lisa K. Stephenson

Photography by Selena Weinert

Our vibes are most certainly on high after becoming acquainted with twin sisters, Aleeya and Aleexus Crowder, better known as, Elixir. This girl group is unlike many others offering through their music a tranquil and positive moment for their listeners. We caught up with the ladies during an exclusive sit-down interview where our most intricate questions got answered with open, candid responses—our team here at She’ SINGLE and Elixir spoke a great deal where the ladies were saccharine to our journalist.

Aleeya Crowder when asked to tell us about her relationship status, very openly expressed, “I am currently not single at the moment,” while Aleexus amicably made it clear that she is very much single and on the market! That wasn’t the highlight of the conversation however, we asked about the stage name elected to represent the ladies, while some have come to know the term Elixir to mean a sweetened substance, aromatic solution of alcohol and water, containing, or used as a vehicle for, medicinal substances, Aleeya and Aleexus explains it to us a bit differently and what the noun has come to mean for them, “The name Elixir basically stems from the collision, or colliding of two great things to make something else greater.

For example, with me and my sister Aleexus, we come together to make music greater.” spoke Aleeya. Speaking of music and the exemplary sounds produced by the ladies, their creative process is often times contingent upon the type of piece they’ve agreed to work on. Aleexus further went on to explain, “Our creative process can require that sometimes we go our separate ways and work on our separate verses, and other times it’s better when we come together and we make like, the tightest songs when we’re together. It just depends.”

Aleeya then added, “We like to brainstorm, putting all of our ideas on paper so we actually can visualize what we’ve been thinking about on our head tops. Once we’ve completed that, we process and start constructing songs…we just want to make sure that everything that’s in our mental is on paper.”

While we’re all too familiar with hidden messages behind bars/lyrics from world renowned artists like: The Beatles and rapper Nas, we asked Elixir what they hope their listeners will take away from their music, Aleexus says, “For now, we want people to get good energy, but later on in the future yes, we want to have hidden messages in our music because the people that have influenced us they tell stories and that’s the type of stuff that we want to put into our music, we want it to be deep and meaningful.”

When we listened to Vibes on High and Thrive with Pride, our hands swayed and our heads bopped because through the music the enjoyment in their voices resonated within us, but that’s not all that has to be said from Elixir. As children the pair dreamed of working in a profession they ultimately enjoyed and for them, music is a passion; from performing on stage to writing lyrics on a paper. Inspiration runs deep and from the musical side, Aleexus let us know her greatest inspiration to be American-Canadian singer Justin Nozuka.

It is safe to say that while both Aleeya and Aleexus are passionate about what they do, making time for loved ones is pertinent. Relationships can be tough to maneuver when you’re working long shifts and recording for hours on end. But according to Aleeya respect is the key component to keeping her and bae on good terms, additionally, communication and the ability to create boundaries in an effort to have a prosperous relationship.

Aleexus then added the importance of assisting one another to help each other grow when you’re in a committed union, all in all, this is solid advice for anyone looking to enter the music industry with questions on how to maintain the solidarity of their partnership. With no cold sweat mounting on the dating front, we asked the ladies whether or not they are ever nervous before a performance, Aleeya says, “Of course we get nervous when we’re performing in front of people. We want our sound to be perfect, but we have ways of simmering our nerves down with various exercises.”

Practice makes perfect, so while Aleeya and Aleexus work on perfecting their craft we couldn’t help but wonder if ever they assist others in perfecting theirs, “We do teach music by delivering good energy and good vibes and of course if ever we were given the opportunity to teach children we would do that wholeheartedly,” says Aleexus. As the conversation ensued, we concluded with one final question for Elixir, asking about the tips would they share to aspiring musicians, “Always believe in yourself,” advocated Aleeya. “…never allow criticism to be a distraction and be open to constructive criticism.” she concluded.


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