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'The Queen V' by Dr. Jackie Walters: The Official Lady Parts Guide

Photography by Getty Images/Dia Dipasupil

Feminine health, sex, and intimacy are some of the three areas Dr. Jackie Walters breaks down in her book, “The Queen V.” Staying safe while also living your best life is key, especially for women today. Dr. Walters is here to help bring more trust, love, and positivity back to ourselves. An OBGYN for the past 20-years makes Dr. Jackie an expert in the field, therefore it is only prudent for her to put together some of the best V practices for all women.

Before all of the success, accomplishments, and awards, Dr. Jacqueline Walters attended the University of Mississippi and Alcorn State University. Once earning her Bachelor of Science degree, she continued her education to achieve her goals in becoming a doctor. She later went back to the University of Mississippi School of Medicine where she then earned her medical degree after years of hard work. A few years later, Dr. Walters received her resident education in Obstetrics and Gynecology from Mercer University in Georgia and the Medical Center of Central Georgia.

Before her career took off, Walters continued her work in private practice for about eighteen years. She wasn’t just any OBGYN though, retaining high profile celebrities like, American rapper and songwriter T.I., singer Usher, and even the Braxton's. Walters later received her own television show in 2013 called Married to Medicine which ran until January 2020. As Dr. Walters continued to advance in her professional career, she took all of her knowledge from being a doctor for almost two decades, and officially released her book last month.

If you’ve ever been afraid to ask a question about your health—whether it’s sexual or your well being—this book contains all the answers. Walters felt that it was extremely necessary to put a piece of work out there on the market on several different topics that not a lot of women are too informed on. In an article with Bravo’s The Daily Dish, Dr. Walter states, “We hid the pads so nobody could see it and didn’t realize having a period was just a part of being a woman.

And I was ashamed of it. I didn’t want my dad to know I had a period.” Although this is something that is a part of every female cycle into puberty, she knew that if she felt this way about a period, other women were no doubt feeling it too, in addition to other situations in their personal lives. We all go through things, whether it’s an experience or changes within our body, there is nothing that anyone should ever be ashamed of and Dr. Walters deeply expresses this throughout her book.

Anyone can purchase “The Queen V” at Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Kindle Stores, Amazon, NOOK Book, Google Play, Apple Books, Audible, Better World Books, and several others. With almost five-star reviews on any website you can find to purchase, this book will give any woman self-awareness, education, and confidence for all of their body needs.

Purchase 'The Queen V' at Walmart today


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