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The Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion Looks Are In! Here's Our Take On The Season + Who Should Go

by Venus Sanders

Image courtesy of Bravo Insider

The looks are here and as you know we were tuned in this season of The Real Housewives of Potomac.


Season 7 was not memorable but what I will say is that it has opened our eyes to so much! Gizelle, as beautiful as she is and as much as we adore her three daughters, simply has no storyline.

Now, we think of The Real Housewives franchise as a place where the affluent women of Potomac, Miami, Beverly Hills, Salt Lake City, etc. all take us on a wild ride into their lives—behind the scenes of their drama and wealth.

Unfortunately for Gizelle, we get no fortune and her drama is unbelievable and makes no sense at all. We recall a few seasons back she tried to have some tension with Karen—her back taxes dilemma—and it didn’t land quite well. Then, we had her hazing newcomer Monique, who, at the reunion ate her up and left no crumbs.

Now, we see her stirring up drama about Chris! Make no mistake honey, Candiace held the crown this season. All in all, Gizelle’s time may have run its course. At this point, it’s a competition between her and Ashley on who should stay. We don’t need two messy queens with no wealth or entertaining life to display. Since announcing her divorce from Michael, Ashley is well, a TikToker.

Between Gizelle’s storyline and this look, we rate it a solid 4/10


Ashley, she’s so cute but she annoyed me this season, sorry not sorry. The divorce announcement did not sound or feel real. She smirked whenever asked about it and it sounded more like she was using that as a catalyst to bring her friend on the show to—like Gizelle—make Candiace and Chris her storyline. Ashley’s introductory season will forever be top-tier. I can do without Ashley going forward.

Between Ashley’s storyline and this look, we rate it a solid 6/10 (mostly for this look honey!)


Robyn…*deep sigh and stares off into space*…oh yes, Robyn! Can we just get Juan next season? I mean, the time he forgot he had his mic on and went off into a closet with the producers to tell them that if it wasn’t for his sons he would have been left…that lives rent-free in my head.

Robyn, of all the things you could have talked about or shown us, you show us that you’re standing ten toes down behind this man! Not to mention, you want him to sign a prenuptial agreement because you’re getting Bravo checks now. Girl! *side eye*

Then she starts this unnecessary beef with Wendy, doesn’t invite Wendy and her kids to her Great Value version of fun-day—which was supposed to be about the kids—and instead, invited Candiace, who is not a parent. THEN, she records Wendy and antagonizes her when SHE is attacked by Mia…ROBYN! I think it’s safe to say that Robyn is my least favorite cast member.

The only moment I praised Robyn this season was for standing up for Candiace when Gizelle began to spread those silly lies about Chris. She gets a high five for that moment and that moment only. Other than that, as I mentioned earlier, it’s a toss-up between Ashley and Gizelle staying at this point. If momma Gizelle leaves, then Robyn, honey you can go too, you won’t be missed.

SN: Please, for the love of God, she has to stop with the oversharing. Telling us she was taking a dump when she came across Candiace’s live was very unflattering.

Between Robyn’s storyline and this look, we rate it a solid 3/10


Karen, I know so many people like her because her clap backs are very witty and she does spend a lot of time eating Gizelle up. But, if she’s not copying the other women, then what exactly is she doing? The candles, the live show…I mean…am I the only one who notices? Karen is cool, I guess if there are no other options for her replacement.

I used to like her but I think her sass has dialed down a bit and I wish she would give a bit more backstory or explanation on her issue with Charisse. And Mia, I think her friendship with Mia was one of my favorites before Mia became a full-time cast member. Now, I feel like Karen has a point to prove, and sharing Mia’s business unprovoked with Gizelle—an on and off again friend—to me was tacky and low down. Not to mention, Mia planned her birthday trip.

Karen has many character flaws, but I guess that’s what makes her good for TV. Between her storyline and this look, we rate it a solid 7/10. She is definitely a Taurus because one thing she gonna do is give us that one sleeve honey! The Grand Dame of Routine.


Mia, Mia, Mia…unpopular opinion, I like Mia. Her self-awareness is on point—not a “throw stones and hide your hands a** bish”. I defended Mia during the Jackie backlash because I can see deep down she has a heart and is very giving. Despite all that she’s been through she is still generous and you can see that she sticks with her friends and she helps as much as she can, but she is human and she’s allowed to break.

As a young girl taken in by her best friend’s family, of course, she feels some sense of obligation to her; hence why she bought her the car, gave her an opportunity on the show, pay a babysitter to watch their kids, etc. I am sure she has done more. But that’s what we got to hear about. Is Mia right all the time? No. Her outburst with Wendy and throwing a drink on her was disgusting and out of line. I hope she apologizes at the reunion, otherwise, I am riding with Wendy on that.

Aside from that debacle, Mia owns her ish and I can respect that. I think from the moment she mentioned her salary she left a bad taste in people’s mouths. But let me ask this, why is it okay for the women on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to announce their salary, their lifestyle, businesses, etc. and it’s praised? But when Mia did it, she was met with criticism. Just some food for thought.

Between Mia’s storyline and this look, we rate it a solid 8/10


Wendy is the epitome of Black Excellence—goals, all around. I have to say though this season Wendy was a bit on the bland side. I feel like her presence on the show is not appreciated due to the color of her skin—I said what I said. She doesn’t seem to get as much screen time, and her being left out on the trip Mia planned for Karen to me was the equivalent of Erica and the girls having tension on RHOBH. Dorit ended up spending her time with Erica versus Kyle and Kyle had that meltdown.

No way am I comparing Erica to Wendy, only their situations around the majority. I liked how Dorit went to see Erica and production was there to capture BOTH moments in real-time versus with this show, where Wendy was literally robbed of screen time. Candiace could have and should have chosen to be with her and they go off on their own, or even Ashley since she was so compelled to invite her to the last dinner.

Bravo should have done more to enforce the inclusion of Wendy, not just that little lunch between her, Candiace, Karen, and Ashley. I hope you get my drift. Overall, though, Wendy carried herself well because honey, someone throws a drink on me…

Between Wendy’s storyline and this look, we rate it a solid 8/10


May we all take a moment to applaud the Queen of Season 7’s Real Housewives of Potomac.

Candiace was the moment this season, okay! Here’s the thing, perhaps the storylines designed to set Chris up was in place to highlight Candiace and show more of her big personality. Believe me, we were not disappointed. This is one cast member who we can see has grown from her introductory season to now and it’s been a pleasant ride. We met young, timid Candiace to now the forceful, grown woman she is verbally assassinating these ladies with style and grace.

She stood by her man and made no mistakes while doing so. Candiace did not allow herself to get overthrown and gaslit by the women around her, instead, she took the moment to speak life into some of the ladies; mainly Ashley where she very eloquently let her know that her plans to come for her husband was merely a trauma response from what she has been through.

Candiace did not miss, not one note, not one clap back, not one hair on her head, not one confessional look. She came and she slayed and yet again, she did not disappoint with this 9/10 look. One point missing because the hair probably could have used a high pony.

But congratulations to this Queen and her feature with the legendary, Trina herself. We are looking forward to seeing more of Candiace Dillard Bassett.



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