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Tips to Get Your Brand Featured in Our Magazine

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Sharon Sharpe

Here at She’s SINGLE Magazine we’re beginning to receive a large number of unsolicited submissions and requests to be featured in the magazine. Some of the main questions we receive is, “How Do I Get Featured in the Magazine?” It is clear that while many people understand the benefits of being featured, few are approaching this kind of PR the right way. Here are a few pointers to consider before pitching your story and/or submitting to our magazine.

1. Make sure you know WHO to contact. If you contact the wrong individual, you have a 50% chance of your email getting skipped over and a 50% chance of it being sent over to the right person. Our Founder & Editor in Chief is author, Lisa K. Stephenson, her contact information is and Managing Editor Sharon Sharpe can be contacted at

2. Timing is everything. Our editorial features are planned five months ahead of our publication date. DO NOT contact us in May to feature an item for Valentine’s Day.

3. Make it easy. Our editors are constantly on the lookout for new products, models, actors, influencers, authors and much more, but no matter how much they love a product it WILL NOT be considered if it is not professionally presented, well thought out, and contains everything needed to make a decision. If you are writing a piece that you would like published, send a detailed draft, provide high-resolution images (96dpi or 300dpi) to accompany it. Sometimes there are fees associated with a feature, please look to confirm these costs in our media kit.

4. Research the actual sections of the magazine. If our section is called, “Sound DNA” (because it is), then say you have the perfect product or artist to be featured in our Sound DNA page. Make us feel like you know a bit about the magazine and its contents before reaching out.

5. Be clear on what you are expecting. If you would like to be paid, then ask. If you are looking for a free advert in exchange for a written piece, then say this. If you are just looking for promotional opportunities, then tell us this. Don’t make us guess how we should collaborate or compensate you or you may not hear back.

6. If you want to send a product in for review, please send great high-resolution pictures of it BEFORE you send it in.

7. Be friendly. Address our staff by name if you are using either of the contacts aforementioned and look to make an effort to talk about the magazine.

8. Sending a pre-written feature is unlikely to be successful. Magazines have their own style guide, words they use and do not use and like them, we are extremely likely to ask you to rewrite. Instead, send samples of your work and tell us that you are happy to use our style guide when submitting the finished piece.

9. Follow up, but in a good way.


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