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Travel Essentials List - 6 Must-Haves

Plus, some honorable Sophia DeVito

While travel has been off-limits as of recent, it is never too late to begin preparing for your next vacation. Packing for a trip can be difficult, and over packing often gets the best of us. Trust me, I have packed an entire week's worth of clothing just for a girls’ weekend getaway. Fortunately, there are tons of multi-purpose products out there that are lightweight for travel and can make your vacation much more relaxing.

Whether you are packing a carry-on, tote, or suitcase, all of these products will come in handy for your next trip. So, pull out your packing list and add these items to it! You can thank me later.

Essential things to pack for traveling:


Portable chargers are convenient for day-to-day life. However, when traveling, they are great to have in your back pocket. Their small size allows you to keep them by your side wherever you are. The Insignia charger can be used for most mobile devices; it’s small and compact, allowing you to keep it in your pocket or purse, available to use at a moment’s notice. It can be used while on a long road trip, a boring flight, and even in the middle of a campground. You’re definitely going to want one of these for your next getaway.



Seat covers are a necessary yet wonderful accessory for your vacation rental car. It protects the seats from deterioration and enhances the interior design. All things considered, seat covers for cars aren't just a way to make your interior seem nice; they also help you maintain your posture while driving while providing additional comfort, ensuring car travel safety.



First things first, holding on to your travel documents can be overwhelming so having an organizer to secure your passport, visa, international driving permit and so on can be very helpful.

A travel organizer can provide quick access to needed documents as you pass through various checkpoints on your way to an airplane or other cross-country borders. It can also safely protect your belongings and can make traveling much more enjoyable.



This portable water bottle is a great gadget to have when you travel. Most people regularly consume pills, whether it’s prescribed medicine, or a daily vitamin. This eco-friendly water bottle has a built-in pill case so you won’t ever misplace your medicine! You likely carry a bottle anyway, so you might as well carry one that can add storage!



A toothbrush should be number one on a list of things to pack when traveling. Everyone needs a toothbrush, but it’s an item often forgotten about when packing. With the Doctor Plotka Travel Toothbrush, you won’t be forgetting anytime soon! This compact toothbrush folds up, allowing you to save room in your suitcase. It is inexpensive, at $5.99 on Doctor Plotka’s website. And, it’s made with polyester bristles, giving you a pleasant brushing experience.


These towels are fast-drying, stylish, and lightweight. Sure, hotel room towels may be provided for you where you’re going. But you also need to be prepared for spontaneous excursions or for the times when these aren’t available for you. Since it’s lightweight, you don’t have to worry about it adding too much to your luggage.



This one is fun for those who want to pack fragile items. The VinniBag Inflatable Bottle Bag is a plastic bag that can hold delicate liquid items such as a bottle of wine or champagne. This is great for those who are traveling with booze, condiments, or perfumes. It is reusable and can be recycled, as well!



Sometimes it can be difficult to sleep while traveling. You’re in a new space and you aren't familiar with your surroundings. But you’re in luck! This weighted eye mask will solve all your sleep-related problems. The Nod pod Weighted Sleep Mask has four equally weighted pods, giving you a feeling of constant, comfortable pressure. One side is jersey cotton and the other is microfiber fleece. It is scent free, can help reduce anxiety, and blocks out any light to help you get a better night's rest. It is also known to help alleviate pain and boost your mood!

Image source: Nodpod

Traveling doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming! By adding a few of these simple items to your packing list, you’ll feel more at ease when heading off to your vacation.


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