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UMG Pushes 'Universal Music For Creators' Post TikTok Catalog Pullout: Will You Pay to Create?

by Diamond Brown

Universal Production Music, a division of Universal Music Publishing Group, has introduced a groundbreaking subscription service called Universal Music for Creators.

This service offers content creators access to a vast library of pre-cleared music and sound effects for use in online videos, podcasts, and other digital content, all at an all-inclusive price. The subscription model of Universal Music for Creators provides users with unlimited access to over 50,000 high-quality tracks and 200,000 sound effects, all pre-cleared and ready to use without fear of copyright claims. This greedy approach marks Universal Music Publishing Group as the first major music publisher to offer such a subscription program, catering directly to the needs of modern content creators. Essentially, however, you would be advertising these artists' music at a cost to you.

With plans starting at just $5.99 per month, Universal Music for Creators aims to make premium music and sound effects accessible to creators of all levels. The service is designed to meet the dynamic needs of today's creators, with a dedicated team constantly sourcing and creating new sounds to enhance their projects.

Jody Gerson, Chairman and CEO of UMPG, expressed excitement about the launch of Universal Music for Creators, highlighting the company's commitment to providing innovative solutions for content creators. Gerson emphasized that this program represents a significant step forward for Universal Production Music and reinforces the company's leadership in the industry.

Jane Carter, President of Universal Production Music, echoed Gerson's sentiments, emphasizing the brand's heritage of trust, quality, and prestige. Carter emphasized the accessibility and affordability of Universal Music for Creators, noting that it will provide creators with hassle-free access to top-quality music and sound effects.

Universal Music for Creators offers users a seamless experience, allowing them to browse and download tracks quickly and easily. With over 80 regularly updated playlists curated by experienced TV and film music directors, creators can find the perfect sound for their projects. The service also allows users to create playlists and build soundtracks using stems, providing flexibility and customization options.

Previously available only to the TV and film industries, the Universal Music for Creators catalog boasts more tracks and sound effects than any other claims-free music subscription service. With a variety of plans to choose from, the service caters to the needs of creators looking to enhance their digital content with world-leading music.

For those interested in learning more about Universal Music for Creator's plans and pricing, additional information can be found on their website at This new subscription service represents a significant milestone in the world of content creation, providing creators with access to premium music and sound effects to elevate their projects to new heights.


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